INTJ Break-The-Chain :- Sypnosis

An INTJs’ observation of the World with the aim to EMPOWER your unconscious state of mind and to ENLIGHTEN you.

An insight into an INTJs’ mind and personality: please note, these are both subjective and objective.

I will also blog fragments of my diary – I hope they are thought provoking for you =^-^=

So, why the title, ‘INTJ: Break – The – Chain‘?

Well, this phrase just hit my brain like a bolt of lightning, it came from nowhere and the phrase made a whole lot of sense.

Let me explain; in a world that tries to make you conform to societal norm, I want you all to be your own individual. However, before you reach the stage of self-appreciation and self-knowledge, there will undoubtedly be obstacles in life.

I hope to support you through them via intellectual empowerment.

As an INTJ female, I DO NOT conform to societal commodities at all. In fact, I take pride in my individualism; I am born to Break-The-Chain of normality; psychologically and physically. It is not by choice, nonetheless, I chose to embrace this realization.

I will shed some light on what it is like to be the 0.8%

Geomeun Goyangi =^-^= <— click on my face if you want to know a little about me!

P.s, I’m on Instagram! Blog previews, food, travel, my frenchie (Spud), art, craft and other randomness will be posted so feel free to connect with me!

geomeun goyangi mark

~Most posts are updated now and again in order to keep up with new information or findings. All posts are subject to critical re-examination by yours truly so don’t forget to check back soon!~

 ***Disclaimer: 87% of these quotes are from myself. Also, please note that these blogs should NOT influence you to generalize that all INTJs, as a niche group, are all the same – because we are not; a lot of other factors shapes and individualizes a person.***



  1. John · October 19

    Please write me. I have a question


  2. Hoser · November 16

    Thank you for this post. I’m going to lose face here, but I have to ask: what does intj mean?


    • geomeungoyangi66 · November 17

      Hi Hoser, don’t worry about losing face.
      INTJ are just the acronyms for the following: Introverted, Intuition, Thinking and Judging.
      If you want to know more, search for Myers Briggs 16 personality.


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