Simply put, the Demon is you.

The Demon is you in your purest form.

***Story Time***

A have a friend that had an encounter with a Demon. He woke up in the early hours of the morning and saw the Demon. The interesting thing was that the Demon actually looked like himself – the only difference was that the Demon was unclothed and had no facial hairs that my friend clearly has. Also, the Demon was Black (please do not misconstrued my words, I am not spouting racial profanities).

Anyways, so how could he be so sure it was the Demon? Well, my friends’ religion is based heavily on fighting against ones’ inner demons (by now you probably narrowed this religion down to a few cultures). So, my friend and this Demon stared at each other, then the Demon made a move and stretched out its’ arms and lunged at my friend – instead of flinching away, my friend leaned forward as if to challenge the Demon. The Demon, however, came up close to him and then disappeared.

I have been told that this was not his first encounter.

Now you may wish to believe or disregard this ‘story’ – personally, I am in two minds about it. It did however, make me think that there is one Demon that you should be concerned about….and that Demon is you.

What are you afraid of? Failure? Judgement? Not meeting yours and everyone else expectations? What are you in doubt about? Do you lack resources? Do you believe you are not good enough? Do you believe you deserve better? Why can’t you achieve your goals?

A lot of these stem from your mindset and the way society have molded your current consciousness through generations of manipulation.

It is through psychological programming that you end up with so much worries – a lot which are not necessary if you really think about. Step forward and push against your inner Demons, you might be surprised to find out that they are much weaker than you thought. It is you that is feeding it – stop feeding your demons and it might just disappear without you realizing.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear – it is also when fear dies that your life will begin.

Now that you know, what is stopping you?


Geomeun Goyangi



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