Someone Is Always Better Than YOU

Regardless of how good you are; someone, somewhere out there in the world will always be better than you.

People are always developing and adapting new ideas, new ways to acquire knowledge and skills.

So no matter how good you think you are at, for example, playing the piano, at singing, at investing, at twirling a pen, at dancing  etc – someone can beat you at those easily. A lot of people have been there and done what you have just managed to accomplish…and they have moved on to their next thing.


“Do NOT let this fact discourage you”.


In fact, this should empower you to strive for what you want to do. So what if someone already accomplished your dreams;

People who have accomplished your dreams means that your dreams are achievable – it doesn’t have to stay a dream, it can become your reality”.

So what if someone is better then you when you are at your best?

People who are better than you when you are at your best means that there is more to be learned – more concepts to be grasped”.

Maybe you start hating on those that are better than what you are expert at – why hate them when you can learn from them. Yes, that is right, leech information off of them and soak it up like a sponge to your advantage and then add these newly acquired knowledge to your mind palace. After all, everyone you meet will know somethings that you don’t.

Do not fret and do not compare – there are over 7 billion people in the world; learn from people better than you to better yourself.


Bottom line is that as long as you put in 100% into what you want to do and regardless of whether you have reached those goals or if you just missed it by a margin – there will always be something to be gained afterwards. You can learn from your mistakes (what could you have done differently?), maybe you grasped or developed new concepts, acquired a new mindset or developed self-evaluation of your weakness and strengths. That is life, you learn from your actions and decisions.

“With failure; there are positives to build on. As for success; there are negatives to learn from”.



Do your best, for you. Reaching self-satisfaction in what you choose to do is what matters.

Catch you next time! – Geomeun Goyangi




  1. Usagi · March 14, 2016

    You’re the best (:3


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