INTJ -Incompetencies and Conformities

As you have read in my previous posts, there was a period of time whereby I was questioning myself about how I do not 100% conform to my Myers Briggs Type: INTJ. Especially, when I relate to the results 97%.

If you have not read my previous blog, click here: The INTJ Female.

Now I know what you are thinking, “if you relate to the results 97%, obviously you will not  be able to relate 100%”.

Yes, but out of those 97%, I do not conform to those 97% accurately or completely. So, although 97% is highly accurate (100%) to apply to my personality, I do not seem to be able to express how accurate those 97% is. (I hope that made sense >_<)

So, as a result, I have jotted my thoughts down about my incompetence regarding INTJ traits as well as areas where I wanted to conform to it.

***Side Note; the Myers Briggs test focuses on how people look like on the outside

  • INTJ are cold and evil, calculating: Actually, I am not evil (but we can be deadly if we want to be). I am calculating but it all boils down to our long-range thinking. I can be cold sometimes but mostly, I come across as really friendly on the surface and not intimidating at all (after you say “hello” or vice versa). I really would love to be intimidating and all boss like, but in reality, I look like a 15 year old who has not hit puberty yet. Also, I can be deeply passionate  depending on the situation, person, campaign or topic.
  • INTJ are so anti-social: Correction, we are socially selective. We know time is very precious and we want to connect with people who are on the same wavelength as us , or above. Being socially selective renders our communication skills and social skills awkward – if you want to know us; it is like pulling teeth…yeah, it is pretty unbearable and tiring. Furthermore, if you see an INTJ not socializing at events, parties or at work; do not mind us, we are either daydreaming of the possibilities of life, retrospectively reminiscing or merely observing our surroundings. I found myself (at work) getting to know every colleagues name without actually talking to them (I felt like an undercover spy – it was great!).
  • INTJ have no feelings: Although I do not show it, I would happily die in the place of my family. Be it an illness or death, I always hope that it harms me  instead of my loved ones, yes, I will replace them with my life just to know that they will live (I am not afraid of death). If I am needed by the people I cherish then I will be there in two clicks. Although it is difficult to express how I feel, I will (via text or writing) wholeheartedly say, for example, “thank you” and mean the hell out of it. Or smile at them and mean the hell out of that too.


Also, I am someone who will offer to help a stranger if they are struggling. I look approachable too as strangers asks for my help numerous of times. However, please note that, I may look like I am on the side of the Angels, I am definitely one of them.

  • INTJs do not feel or understand emotion: I have a depth of emotion that even the sea cannot comprehend. It is like the layers of an onion (it does not help that I am a Scorpio too). I cannot explain my feelings to my loved ones but I will make it my goal to see them happy and healthy. You can hurt us though, if we care about you and respect you; other than that, you can’t hurt us emotionally. I believe INTJs are pretty good at judging and sensing emotions  (note I say judge and not feel: judging allows us to process your emotions and expressions logically for us to react accordingly). So we are pretty good at assessing people. The point is, whether you are worth our time to be concerned for your feelings and circumstances – this here, is why we probably come across as heartless A-holes.


  • INTJs are blunt and harsh: If I had a £ for the amount of time where somebody has told me, “…you could have put it in a nicer way” or, “yeah…just tell it like it is…don’t hold back now”, I would have a few pounds (yes, I would not be rich because firstly, I do not have many close friends and secondly, I do not care enough to voice the truth, thirdly, I can judge a person well and know how they might take the truth). If we ever do bond with you; as a sign of respect, we will just lay the cold hard truth onto you; why would you use 20 words to get to the point when you can use 5 words and nail it?

“If the truth shall kill them, let them die” – Emmanuel Khan

  • INTJs are always right: Not always, we seem to always be right to the untrained eye because we assess a situation and the person or people involved and can see possible future results (the ripple effect and our long-range thinking). We can judge a person pretty well; if we pair the person with their situation and background that they are in (or about to be in), pair these with common sense, add our insights and the other persons insights and then calculate the outcome (immediate, future, years), we can see a ripple effect. Maybe what I just said doesn’t make sense but it comes naturally to us (listed was just some elements regarding how we “predict” outcomes of any actions made).  The easiest example would be; if you are in a restaurant and you see your cup of tea/ coffee etc near a person who you knew is clumsy, talking with their hands all over the place, we INTJs would naturally move the drink away because we already saw what the possible outcome of this situation is.
  • INTJs are geniuses, logicians, mathematicians: I really REALLY want to relate to this trait so much so that this is the reason that I want to conform. In reality, some of us are not all geniuses. That does not imply that we are dumb INTJs, we are at best definitely above average but not the genius level – then again, the word “genius” is open to interpretation and everyone has their own definition of what it means. I suck at maths and anything to do with the business world throws me out of sync unfortunately. That doesn’t mean that I am ‘scared’ of it, it actually makes me want to conquer it and learn about it. So, yups, not all of us are geniuses…sadly (yes, feel free to say, “who’s incompetent now?” -snigger snigger-).
  • INTJs are manipulative – we are their pawns: TRUTH! BUUUT! We do it with our moral compass in mind, we will not put you in danger or leave you in the sh*ts. We will nimbly (without you knowing) manipulate your actions to benefit ours (everyone does it, not just INTJs – the good thing is, we will not crush you or hurt you and there will be no negative consequence for your actions; simply because we have taken any possible aftermath into account). That is not to say that our good morals are our precedent, if we want you in an aftermath crisis, it is highly doable.


After this blog, I hope that you can take away with you that, we are all individuals regardless of how creepily accurate this Myers Briggs test is. As long as you are proud of who you are as a person then incompetent or not, conforming or not, who cares? The only validation you need is from yourself.

Also, if you are thinking that these kind of tests generally produces high accuracy for anyone; you are half right. Tests and predictions is made so that anyone can relate to them at some points in their life (the Barnum Effect).

Taking the Barnum Effect into account, I have read the other personality types, I can relate 65% to ENTP, 48% to INFJ, 67% to an ENFP and 50% to an INTP. The others I do not relate to accurately enough to place a % on them. On another note, over time, people personalities have the ability to mutate into any of the other 16 personalities – maybe you felt emotional or angry or happy or free-spirited during the test – your emotion can influence your thought process – therefore your answers can vary one day to the next. Also, yes, you can influence the test and get the desired results, but come on! be truthful, be you!

Also, regarding daily horoscopes – I personally read them now and again and when I do, I read everyone else and to be honest, the Barnum Effect can be quite clearly seen. So, I tend to just go straight to people Star Signs and read the personality traits and compare it to my friends, family etc – based on the tonnes of Star Sign research made in my life time, 75% seems accurate.

Hope you enjoyed this little read! Love (not in a creepy way) Geomeun Goyangi

Also, I just started a new INTJ series! Happy watching~

***Please note that these blogs should NOT influence you to generalize that all INTJs, as a niche group, are all the same – because we are not; a lot of other factors shapes and individualizes a person.***





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  2. Maria · March 6, 2016

    Just a note on the title: It should be “conformities” not confomities.


  3. Hester L · September 19, 2016

    Same Scorpio here.

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