INTJ + Ideas = Projects

Simply put, INTJ generate ideas like a crack addict.

INTJ ideas will 99% of the time turn into what they call their “projects” – they love for their ideas and knowledge to be in the form of a project that can ultimately be applied to the world.

There are so many possibilities – life is to experiment right?

More often than not, INTJs will have endless amounts of passions and interests that they want to turn into projects; our questions of “what if”, “I could” or “if others can do it then why can’t I too?” revs our engine, making us excited about future prospects of what certain successful projects may bring.

INTJ can envision and recognize many potential possibilities that can come from a single project, and so to have many many ideas means that we can potentially open up doors for ourselves.

“If there is no doors opening for you then you kick that motherfooking door down”

Thus the INTJ brain produces ceaseless propositions; if we were to draw a spider diagram of our ideas; you would see a tangent of random ideas which looks inconsequential. However, in actual fact, every one of our ideas have their place and holds a purpose – like a chess board, our ideas are just our chess pieces.



Having stated the above, INTJs, even when they have a head full of ideas, they can be their own worst enemy – so much so that the INTJ may fail to take any action at all.

Although INTJs would always strive to see their visions and projects turn into reality – some can end up procrastinating.

Now, the procrastination is not intentional; “how is that possible?”, well, INTJ tend to research A LOT before they begin planning individual steps that needs to be in place. A lot of INTJ tend to be perfectionists and our research gives us peace of mind and allows us to understand the necessary procedure in full.

The INTJ drive for prolonged research prepares them for various probable contingencies and obstacles that may occur in the future. It is our way of foreseeing potential risk or hidden connotations/ tricks that certain tasks may produce.

Here, our endless research of needing to know everything is a form of procrastination – what INTJs should know is that, the more you research, you will eventually plant the seed of doubt in your mind subconsciously – which has the potential to stop you in your tracks; because, there will surely be several suggestions/ tips as to how to start, several stories of triumphs and failures, several books you should read beforehand, several legalities, resources needed etc.

All these have the capabilities to deter  you because, although you may now know a lot, you are now confused as to which option you should choose.

Hello seed of doubt. Hello procrastination.



We become paralyzed, unsure as to what to do. So the tip here is to research the basics of your projects and just jump into the deep end and learn along the way.

This tip fights everything an INTJ stands for because it is a very illogical and “dangerous” advice – it does not help that INTJs have an impeccable standard of achievement in place for themselves and so this self-inflicted pressure drives their desire of needing to acquire reliable  and proven clear strategies to make their project “perfect”.

INTJs may come to the conclusion to consciously postpone a course of action until clarity is gained from the research and from within their minds.

If you think that the above information was tiring enough; INTJs have a breadth of projects because it can be found that we sometimes work best when we have several projects on the go. Just like other people, we can lose our drive from time to time and so having another project allows us to be practical whilst leaving other projects to the side for the time being – we will never lose sight of our visions, at most, we just need a break, need to take a step back to think or we are just more into our other projects.

You can see us sporadically jumping from projects to projects as we conjure up ideas constantly for existing projects or for new projects – granted, the process of our projects may be slow (or quick depending on how big the project is and how fired up we are) and the finalized vision may only be revealed to those closest to us in a couple of years time.

and having to make a choice

As hinted above, we do not let people know what projects we are working on, to an extent, if people were to ask, we would either deflect the subject or only hint at what we are working on.

Our projects are not a secret (although it may seem that way), our need for perfectionism and project completion silences us as we do not want to reveal projects which has not been completed yet. There is this self-inflicted notion of needing to be competent in our “trade” before the “big reveal”.

Plus, INTJ just find it hard to reveal everything that they are working on – we have no idea where to begin explaining, it almost overwhelms us as there is no good starting point for our explanation. Remember, our ideas are inconsequential to the eye and if we choose to speak about it, our ideas are of course nonlinear; however, our thought process makes complete sense…to us.

More importantly, INTJ do not give out information when the person asking does not need it, there are levels of information that people do not need to know (we see no point in sharing information which neither benefits or damages you); such as our projects. – and so, we do not spontaneously talk about our projects.

That being said, we sometimes would let you in if we trust you – which goes without saying that you will be vetted without you knowing, OR if the timing is right.

(The above statement applies not just to our projects, but about any information about us and to be honest, majority of the population is like the latter).

Now as you may have read in my previous blogs (INTJ – My Secret? My Personality), INTJ are “secretive” by nature (don’t worry, we are not hiding anything sinister…*shifty eyes*), we just don’t feel the need to give out information, do not be offended, we are like this with everyone; unless of course we trust you enough (even then we would probably leave you hanging – hey, everyone is like this too you know. Only difference is that we are true to our individual nature).



Okay, better end this post before I veer off into another topic.

Oh, and one point to bear in mind is that if you want to do too much then you will end up doing nothing.


Geomeun Goyangi

geomeun goyangi mark

***Please note that these blogs should NOT influence you to generalize that all INTJs, as a niche group, are all the same – because we are not; a lot of other factors shapes and individualizes a person.***