Human Needs; Strip It All Back

People are forgetting their core basic needs to sustain themselves; all because of money.

Do not get me wrong, money is definitely something we need in order to live, but when people are willing to do anything for money, then we have a problem.

What does money make people do? Some examples:

  • Assess peoples’ status – more money = more respect;
  • Admiration and adoration – money make a person more admirable and more attractive;
  • Worry – people struggle to sustain themselves which results in homelessness, overworking and exhaustion;
  • Criminality – for example; stealing to sell, to own and to live;
  • Ruin families – blurring the lines of emotions and family connections for money, abandonment, lies and corruption;
  • Blurred priorities and warped thoughts – money make people think how to take money, how to make more money or how to avoid losing money;
  • Corruption and immorality – the best examples here are the hunting and meat industry; lion cubs from an early age is separated from their mother, they become hand raised and habituated to human presence – the result? they are purposely  hunted down for people to ‘make’ money. Chickens in the food industry are fed hormones to make them grow faster (animal mutation). Another example, male chicks are killed off at birth whilst the female chicks are seen as more valuable. The animal industry just shows us exactly how we as human beings can torture any other living specimens just because we can AND for the sake of money. The animal cruelty presented here are just the basics – which is wrong, why does such cruelty have to be basic; basic implies everyone knows about this and that there are tonnes more that we do not know about.

Money on your mind? Status on your mind? Reputation on your mind?


Whilst we are all worrying and fighting for money, we are forgetting our basic human needs; to eat, to sleep and to give out or receive love (I am not talking about sex – I am talking about a simple smile, a hug, communication or a display of care and affection) .

If we don’t eat or sleep then our will energy dwindle and we will become angry and start to not think logically. Without food and sleep, how do you expect to receive love let alone give out love.

Whilst you are busy working for longs hours on end or for months on end, the people near you just want a hug from you and vice versa; it is so so easy to forget and ignore what your priorities are until the people or things you value the most becomes a memory.

Read my blog post regarding the values of ‘The Dead and The Living’:

The money and happiness link is validated; you are happy when you buy what you want, when you can do anything you want and what you want, you are adored or hated (jealousy) for how much money you have. We however, make money our priorities above anything thing else and a lot of money is never enough;  materialistic things will continually be pumped out and become more and more advance – so will the price (it would not be surprising if one day, the basic of mobile devices are all Apple or Android phones). You need money to live and it is understandable but is makes us senseless and numb, money takes away who we really are as a individual.

***Side story***

There was a conversation I heard whilst I was on one of my jobs at a hospital. A son was visiting his mother in hospital:

Son: “Mum, I got something to tell you, I have just been promoted and I am going to be paid ‘x’ amount!”.

Mum: “Really?! I am so proud of you”.

Son: “Yeah, I can get you anything you want”.

Mum: “…”

Son: “What do you want mum?”.

Mum: “…just a hug and a kiss will do”.


When I overheard this conversation…I was…I got goosebumps. It was one of those conversations that makes you re-evaluate your life even though I am someone who is not persuaded by money the slightest. So imagine what kind of epiphany this conversation could put into perspective for people.

Humans are funny, even when you have every tangible possessions that you desired, once you are near death; crawling on the floor or lying in bed waiting for death. You push everything aside just to clutch at life even if it is only for a second longer. Maybe you might be able to lay your eyes on a loved one, if not, maybe lay your eyes on the last human being, furniture, possessions you will ever see.

Read my blog post on an epiphany about work and people, ‘Ants’:


Yet, I have seen and still see so many people overwork themselves and lose sleep and appetite over money – I am no exception, even though money does not have a grip on me (you will not be able to bribe me, I will not elevate anyone status based on their bank account and you will not find me hurting people for the sake of money), but I do find myself working for the sake of living.

It is hard to break away from the ‘money is everything, money is happiness’ mindset because even if your priorities are straight, you will subconsciously do things to save, give away or earn money.

At best, people just want to be happy and to reach contentment with themselves and the world.

I guess this blog is an attempt to pull you out of the water; to strip everything back – are you eating and sleeping okay? Are you happy about who you are and what you have become? What is important to you? What do you really want to do?

Read my blog post, ‘A brush with death’:


Geomeun Goyangi







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  2. Dynames Productions · April 9, 2016

    Good post. Money does tend to be a major problem for corruption and greed. It is without a doubt one of the biggest distortions in the world. Although if money was not the object of that greed, I’m sure something else in the world would take its place. Money is simply an object, greed is an inherent desire for something stemming from our unchecked human nature.

    On another note, one thing I would add to your list at the beginning of what money can represent is the following: A measurement for success. Too often now money for some reason has become a measuring stick for success. A poor person who is happy doing what he loves will be far more successful than a rich person only living to earn more money.

    Success cannot be measured in money as it can entail several different variables. If kids are taught that “more money = greater success”, there is likely to be a very dangerous effect that could take place in the future. Imagine if the world economy was to ever come crashing down, and the thoughts of success were so deeply ingrained into money. The whole world could come to a halt.


    • geomeungoyangi66 · April 9, 2016

      Yes, that is very true, with money out of the picture, something else will surely be set as precedent due to our human nature and our need for ‘equality’; after all, money allows for the exchange of intellectual properties to suit both parties needs – nobody wants to ‘lose out’ on their end.
      Yes, being happy with what you do without having the aim based solely on money is definitely a success in itself; sadly, the money ‘criteria’ is embedded so far up our A-holes by everyone and everything that a mere reminder of the word ‘money’ throws anybody seeking their on purpose in life and happiness off track. For most people, it is only when they gain financial freedom do they think about being happy or what their ‘success’ is doing to them. It does not help that success via money embodies differing favored aftermath for everyone – to be noticed, to be respected, to be better than someone, to gain status etc – all these are our selfish need to be noticed.
      I feel that 90% of the population have taught each other that having the most money is the No1 priority – that is basically what the educational system does and it works.
      If only people knew that, you don’t need a lot of money to be happy or to have a good lifestyle. Sure you need a steady income but don’t let money control your life.

      Really great input by the way =^-^=

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      • Dynames Productions · April 9, 2016

        Personally I’ve found this one simple rule to be gold. Concern yourself with only enough money that you NEED to live and perhaps put a little away for either retirement or tough times. Starting wanting for more than you can handle, and you may risk opening the pandora’s box.

        As far as the steady income goes, even that varies based on your lifestyle. For example, if you like to live a very simple life and don’t have too many expenses to concern yourself with, you can probably get away with taking a few jobs here and there regularly. A good setting for this would be those that live away from society, sometimes even off the grid.

        But if you live in the city or any densely human populated area, then you do need a steady income. Strange creation the economy is and what it is evolving into. But what is more strange (perhaps even laughable) is how worked up people get about the world politics involving economy, science and religion etc.

        A fragile system formed for a fragile human world.

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        • geomeungoyangi66 · April 11, 2016

          Yeah, I have definitely expanded that rule by squirreling my earnings into 6 “systems” – 1) money that cannot be touched, 2) money to be put into the bank, 3) donations, 4) projects, 5) safety money and 6) spending money. This allows for self-control and it actually helps you to keep your objectives and priorities on point without going past the point of needing more money than you should.
          Yes, 90% of the people around me have already opened up your so-called ‘Pandora’s Box’ (great analogy btw, love it!) and it is so disgusting that it is repulsive; it really shows how far people are willing to go for the sake of money, who needs morals when you can obtain money instantly?.
          It is true that the money criteria deepens when you live within the inner cities; evolution comes at a price I guess :/

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