Diary: Hand-Me-Downs and Parental Legacy


~Diary Blog~

So, I bet a lot of you have received a hand-me-down valuable possession from your parents; jewelry, coin collection, their childhood toy, memorabilia, silverware, antique, a house, their company, a % of their income (pretty much anything that is dear to them is now yours to keep).

As an Asian; hand-me-downs from parents are either impressive or minuscule – go hard or go home kind of thing.

So, I have never really thought about my parents leaving behind any possessions to me – especially since we are on the poorer end of the scale. To be honest, I am not bothered about acquiring anything. My mum however, one day started saying that she cannot give us a house, a land or any money unlike our other relatives – my mum felt sad about this fact…even though I was not at all bothered about this topic. It never even crossed my mind.

In truth, I gained something so much more valuable than any house, money, land, jewelry, antique etc; a little something that is intangible but acknowledged from the outside world.

I gained knowledge and wisdom.

The truth is, parents can give you any materialistic possessions but nothing compares to the knowledge and wisdom that you need as a human being. Love, knowledge, wisdom, warmth and lessons.

I am my parents legacy.

“I got everything to make me, me”.

As for people without parents, is adopted or have not been lucky enough to experience a happy and healthy family  – your parents gave you life.

The universe gives you oxygen. Bonus!


Love Geomeun Goyangi

geomeun goyangi Complete


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