INTJ – Pet Peeves

This post may offend some people so…don’t read if you are sensitive to truthful humor.

So, what are INTJs Pet Peeves? Well, it’s pretty generic but our reasoning and thoughts behind these annoyances might be different from most people. So, I shall explain. Some of our inside struggles are quite funny actually.

Lets’ begin! INTJ dislikes…

~ PEOPLE. Yeah, that’s about it.

To elaborate, INTJs dislike idiots and the world is overrun by idiots – sure, there is a lot of connotation behind this word so feel free to place in your own ideals. Despite this, they still want you all to have the best health care there is.


(Could someone pass the popcorn please, oh, and order pizzas whilst we sit and watch humanity DIE – World domination wasn’t that hard after all)

~ World domination! I feel like there is a humorously negative stigma with this one. I would think that most INTJs would want to dominate the world in a positive light. Not sure if this is a pet peeve but there is going to be INTJs who dislike people thinking INTJ and world domination is a set package deal.


~ When people instantly diagnose them with not being able to understand emotions and how relationships work because they are an INTJ. Okay, just because they don’t play the game doesn’t mean they are clueless of what makes a great relationship and how to make them last. Granted, some are “clueless”, however, the INTJ tends to analyse/ observe people relentlessly and so they would have come to understand how the human mind works. Logically, INTJs can see the “do’s” and “don’ts” and if an INTJ is interested about the human psyche, relationships and emotions then countless of research online and offline (observation) will be implemented.

~ When someone interrupts their alone time. INTJs need a great deal of space and alone time in order for them to think through their thoughts (and emotions). INTJs can be in their head for hours on end and so if someone suddenly distract them, they can get annoyed. It irritates them that much more when there was a split second of thought that they knew was important but can’t recall it.

You know, that homicidal feeling when someone interrupts you in the middle of a good book or a movie :) Having said that, they can bypass the irritation if you needed them for something important.


(OR to think…yeah…to think >_>)

~ Having their plans blasted out of the water after they pre-planned everything; not to forget that they had taken into consideration (or asked) anyone who has the potential to disrupt their plan to tell them if anything could happen (therefore giving themselves some preparation mentally). However, when plans still gets screwed over…hjnvjhsonofagunkbj. If you are lucky, some INTJs may have an hour window for you to change their plans so telling them then or beforehand is waaay better than you just being spontaneous at the last second. There’s a difference between being spontaneous and being a considerable spontaneous individual.

~ Being misunderstood. INTJs understand why they get misunderstood BUT for the people who they opened themselves up to and explained how “we” function regarding certain aspects of life (honesty, communication, what “our” principles are etc etc); INTJs can’t understand why you still misunderstand how “we” work. Yes, when explaining, it could be a car crash but INTJs can nail their point across when something is important.

Nonetheless, you will make INTJs think that 1) you were not listening, 2) you are close-minded because you didn’t take into consideration what we discussed before because you just made the same comment that you did a week ago and 3) I don’t feel like putting the effort into explaining myself anymore and so this whole ‘misunderstanding cycle’ continues.

~ Not being able to express or explain themselves effectively (especially during a debate). Oh, the INTJ sees your point alright but you still haven’t seen theirs because they can’t put their thoughts into words just yet so give them 20 minutes okay? During that time, please refrain from telling the INTJ why you are right because they are thinking very hard as to how to word themselves correctly, your noise does not help. The INTJ is already pi$$ed at themselves and you are adding to that.


~ That INTJs are Masterminds, special and intelligent. Okay, being an INTJ does not guarantee intelligence, that we are more intelligent than everyone else which therefore makes them ‘special’. Intelligence is too vague, there are different types of intelligence. Example? Social intelligence, stupidity can be a form of intelligence (some people find it endearing and so people flock to these people). The things that doesn’t qualify as intelligence is when people refuse to learn or does not learn from repeated mistakes. Nobody is entitled to being ignorant, not the second time round anyway.

~ When people are talking repetitively – INTJs hear you the first time and if they didn’t, they’ll ask. So just stop making the same innocuous comments or questions, day in, day out without any sincerity to listen to their replies. Then there are the people who don’t take into consideration what the INTJ have said or repeated over and over again – even if these people meant well, “stop asking me if I am sure that I don’t want a [insert]…”. Seriously, stop.

~ People who use them as a scapegoat in order for others to express what they themselves want. You would have looked more like an adult if you just told the INTJ what you wanted instead of pushing what you wanted onto them (or anybody for that matter), because now you just look like an idiot and you are annoying.

~ When people do not answer their questions honestly. People will try not to hurt their feelings and dances around a subject, which ultimately never answers the question – honestly, JUST STAB AT IT, INTJs asks for honest opinions in order to improve something so just give it.

~ Broken promises. People trying to impress others via their words but end up disappointing when it is time for action. Actions count, words don’t even if words alone means more than actions for the generations to come. People who just say what they want or will do is enough for most people. For INTJs though, they’ll just sit back and watch. People should know that, repetitive broken promises or words can actually leave a damaging psychological effect on themselves and on others.


***Some actions are not always noticeable though, people who do good things doesn’t have to converse with others what they did, as long as a positive lasting impression rubbed off on someone then it’s a win for all – people don’t always have to realize who did what***

~ Liars. Yeah, people who lie, you got to know that sooner or later, the truth will come out and in INTJs eyes, it is best that you come clean earlier on. You’ll risk losing an INTJ if they find out the truth on their own. Sure, white lies here and there never hurt anyone right? Wrong, continuous small lies adds up to become something bigger, plus, you are developing a pretty shady habit. If you were lying to make someone feel good or what someone doing wasn’t bothering you, then you are just opening yourself a whole can of misleading encouragement….and people these days are wondering why people ignore each other or “break up” over silly things. Coming from an INTJ, it’s best to nip things in the bud; something or someone is annoying? Say it because brushing things off only goes so far. Even if I wasn’t an INTJ, I wouldn’t want to come close to you if you cannot be honest with the “small” stuff.

One rule of thumb though, you don’t need a good memory when you are being truthful.

~ People who doesn’t have their own opinion. These people who just agree with the crowds. Who cares if it is right or wrong, always go with the majority because they are “always” right. This is why people are effed. Also, why do people tend to listen and agree with strangers rather than a trusted resource/ person etc?


~ Witnessing manipulation of someone (or themselves). When INTJs can see someone with an agenda towards someone else, they may do their duties as a good friend to warn that potential victim. When their warnings are either brushed off as 1) you are being silly, 3) you are jealous, 4) stop judging them 5) he/she is not like that; you will make the INTJ care a lot less for you. Especially if afterwards you intentionally go towards the drama.

~ When they say “hi” in a customer service job and then the customer ignores them or doesn’t even flash a smile. INTJ in their heads be like, “Hi, I just want you to know how forced I am to say hi to you and to smile at you nicely SO YOU BETTER REPAY THE RESPECT OR I WILL CUT YOU”.


~ Surprises! INTJs don’t get surprised, but there are bad and good surprises. Like everyone, INTJs dislike IF they are put at a disadvantage, please don’t surprise them with a nice all generations family gathering which will happen within the next 30 minutes. Surprises that somehow benefits them by pushing them out of our comfort zone in order to do something is welcomed…sometimes. To be honest, who doesn’t like good surprises anyway?

~ Sales people. In general, there is a golden rule if you see sales people, that is to not look them in the eye. If that fails though and the INTJ couldn’t give a better excuse as to why they are not interested then they will squirm on the inside. Some INTJs will find the fun in sales people though. How? Well, I guess they will just let the professionals go through their entire selling point and waste their time. Yes, you guessed it, the INTJ will just say “nah” after all of it. Personally, I want to stop the whole process before it gets harder to say no, my time and their time is valuable (even if I just came past to window shop).

~ Grammar. People who type the following;

  • cum instead of come (like really? can’t you type the correct word?! you’re gross)
  •  of instead off,
  • your instead you’re

We get it though, auto correct or spellcheck doesn’t help anyone aaand typically, INTJs will get over it. In fact, when a conversation communicates and flows well then it doesn’t matter if grammar was incorrectly used, who cares if a word was missing or just something that was spelt wrong. Also, incorrect grammar when expressed in the form of art is great.


~ People who feels the need to tell them how to live their life after a mere session of interaction. Even when the person meant well, the INTJ can tell that someones judgements of them are incorrect by what advise was given so….INTJs wouldn’t take that person seriously. Sorry.

~ People taking control of their decisions. INTJs dislike decisions made for them just because nobody is more qualified than themselves (given that they are competent on the matter). If INTJs have to corporate you into their actions and decisions then just tell them what their options are, what the situation is and they will weigh it up in their minds to take the “appropriate” next step.

~ People who ask personal questions as if they are best friends, “how about I diagnose you first before we get to me because you are far more interesting”.

~ Generic comfort. Telling INTJs that “everything is gonna be alright” when it won’t be just yet is not practical to them and does nothing for them. Hit them with some solutions or suggestions; INTJs will like you that much more.

~ When people “encourage” them to open up or to vent…again it does nothing for themselves or for anybody. In fact, they would mostly shrivel back into their own cave. INTJs will open up their voice or dissatisfaction when ready.

~ Meaningless drama brought on by people with too much time on their hands. So…people who gossip and like to shite stir isn’t an ideal person to even look at. Read my blog post The Sociopath Poison: Drink It Up OR Spit It Out? to find out what I mean.

~ Continuous talking – if it is something worth hearing or a topic that holds some form of value then go for it, otherwise, nah.

~ Gossip or passive aggressive remarks. Nope. Either say it to whoever it is face or don’t say it at all. To INTJs anyway.

~ The relentless intentional drama queen/ king. Like calm down.

~ Incessant noise. Loud people who don’t know how to vary their tone of voice for different people, “yeah, we are not all deaf like grandma okay?”. Oh, and people who chew noisily. Stop it.

~ Unruly children and adults. The amount of time INTJ wills the parents to control their kids are unreal. Sure, just let this snotty child with his powdered Dorito fingers climb all over people, “okay you are on my lap…oh you ripped a page from my book, I don’t need to read THAT page anyways”. Unruly, adults on the other hand, although no different from a child, let’s just say that it won’t be child abuse if and when someone punch them for being idiots.

~ Hypocrisy. Everything about double standards and favoritism are illogical and immoral. It sounds sort of ironic though, once an INTJ connects with someone they…subconsciously treat these individuals better…hmmms…is everyone prone to hypocrisy one way or another?

Well, until then…


~ People who speak before they think AND think that they are right (and will argue their point) when something is clearly flawed. Yeah, INTJs will lose their respect for you fast. They’ll walk away to retain the IQs that is left in them.

~ People who argue for the sake of arguing. You think this is a game?

~ People who complain ILLOGICALLY in order to get free stuff, why not throw in some sob stories. Let’s not forget people who complain about things that they brought on themselves. Yeah, INTJs don’t care because you too are annoying.

~ People who does not embrace positive change – stuck in their certain ways and mindsets.

~ People who kill people and animals because they can. I would go deeper into this one but I won’t, just because there are too much theories to write – this topic is so wrong and overlooked that I lose the hope in humanity sometimes.

~ Ungrateful people. For example, parents putting a wide range of food on the table and the child still manages to complain that “there is nothing to eat”…*True story, yes, the child still lives and is still a brat*

~ People who don’t move, literally. Some people are a waste of space, you can clearly see people behind trying to shuffle pass you and what is with cars who are parked obnoxiously before a junction? “I see you driver, what are you playing Pokemon Go?


~ People who don’t make the same effort or pull their own weight. The INTJs would have efficiently done their bit so don’t you delay the whole process because you “can’t be bothered”, well guess what? neither could anyone but everyone did it so now it’s your turn.

~ Askholes. When people come to INTJs or anyone for advice and ignores it :D Good job moron, now you are in the same shi* as before. Next time, don’t ask for advice because someone will beat you with 2 tennis rackets, one for each cheek.

(Here is a cute hedgehog to help you forget the evilness of this post so far :)

~ People who think money is everything. Money just warps people respect of governmental systems and other people. Congratulations on bringing millions of pounds with you to your grave. Sorry that you never experienced anything more powerful than money.

~ People who think that INTJs are SHY. Actually, INTJs do not feel “scared” or “intimidated”, they just don’t feel the need to speak. INTJs are introverts and even then, they are closet extroverts. Yes, they are just another human being who is NOT shy.

~ When people cry. INTJs won’t know what to do with you and themselves. The whole situation becomes awkward and they end up having an exasperated and irritated look on their face. “Do you need a hug? Water? Should I just stare at you or look away? Do you need a moment alone?”. What they normally do is just stand next to the crying person awkwardly whilst people pass by on the streets. If someone cries next to INTJs at home…they’ll just sit there all awkward and frustrated.

~ Presents. Having to give obligatory presents or receive presents. It just sets the tone that something needs to be given in return. INTJs don’t like that.

~ People who don’t pick up their phone. Okay, out of all the numbers, INTJs probably just have 1 or 2 people they call and if they call you, it means that they need or want to speak to you. It’s okay if you don’t pick up.

However, if there’s a routine whereby the INTJ requires to meet with you at a certain time over the next year and you are always late and don’t pick up every single time they call you then you are just massively pi$$ing them off; especially when you are expecting a call because your flakiness has become a routine game of cat and mouse. We had an agreement!

~ People who are always late – INTJs will give this person more than enough chances to retain their respect and faith in them but there is a line. If reminding you of the meetup which is catered towards your time preference doesn’t do anything whereby you are still constantly late then INTJs will not bother meeting with you anymore. INTJs time is valuable, they meet with you because they like you and are willing to spend time with you, don’t be screwing the times and plans up. Again, we had an agreement.

~ Ghost texters. When an INTJ decides to call you within a minute of you texting them and you don’t pick up, “where you at bro?”

~ People who don’t charge their phones before a long a$$ trip, “wha… how do you function?”


(or can’t talk to us because you didn’t charge your phones)

~ Negativity, ironic, I know, this whole post is negative-ly informative…right?

So tell me, why do people not make sense? Just a few pet peeves, no biggie right? hahhaaha~

Geomeun Goyangi =^-^=

geomeun goyangi mark

***Please note that these blogs should NOT influence you to generalize that all INTJs, as a niche group, are all the same – because we are not; a lot of other factors shapes and individualizes a person.***



  1. vtyw · April 6, 2017

    Interesting stuff. I’ve noticed a couple of INTJ blogs tend to use a lot of meme images, but are INTJs actually meme-friendly in general? Do they like receiving random (non-MBTI-related) memes or is it better to leave them alone?


    • geomeungoyangi66 · April 6, 2017

      I would say that majority of people enjoy memes regardless of their personality types. Of course, there are certain humours that appeals to different people and so, I would say that intelligent/ smart humour, puns, literal humour, truthful humour and sarcasm works the best with us. Memes that require some form of deeper understanding (that is not understood at face value) are also great.
      Hmmms, I wouldn’t advise to bombard anyone’s inboxes or wall with memes, no, but then again, it depends on that individual as to whether they like it or not. You’ll know by their response – either they respond in kind, laugh or just flat out ignore you, question you or tell you to stop.

      Good luck =^-^=


  2. Katie · January 30, 2018

    I’m an INTJ, enjoyed reading until I hit ‘liers’ and ‘people who doesn’t’ … Another INTJ pet peeve I guess, grammar/spelling mistakes. It’d turn a lot of us off from reading the rest, although you’ve done a good job of the blog. ;)


  3. Kathryn Bulis · April 18

    TYPOS!!! Oh my goodness… I was really enjoying this article until the lazy editor didn’t spell check liers… um that is suppose to read liars… and at first I though if might be a play on words, until literally the next paragraph’s English was also written incorrectly. “~ People who doesn’t have their own opinion.” The proper way to express that comment would be, “People who don’t have their own opinion…” So in my humble opinion, as an INTJ, you should have a more experienced editor on your team if you are ever going to have an actual INTJ following, because I immediately lost patience and quit reading just I could write this comment, nor will I go back and read the rest. Thanks.


  4. Pingback: INTJ Pet Peeves – Notebook A
  5. Olie · November 1

    Very accurate.


  6. Kevin · 7 Days Ago

    Clean up the massive amount of spelling and grammatical errors and this would have been a far more enjoyable read. This is also a significant INTJ pet peeve. Also, although we INTJs are slow to anger, when you do make us angry, head for the hills because the cost will be devastating.


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