The Dead & The Living

“The Grim Reaper holds your diamonds close to his chest”

Bluntly put; have you ever noticed how sentimental it is when a celebrity die? Be it Michael Jackson or David Bowie.

Have you ever noticed that even though deceased celebrities are known throughout the world; everyone seems to ‘hurt’ for a day or at most, a week. Their songs or movies will be on re-run over and over again; their merchandise values etc will go up. Maybe they were your Idol or maybe they impacted on your life at some point. However, after this minute period of mourning – these deceased celebrities are just part of another history.

This is the aftermath of someone who is world renowned  whereby most people will not have had the chance to speak to them – their life and personality do not run deep into your veins; you know no depth of that person yet you still mourn for a day; maybe sincerely or just to go with the world (personally, I don’t care).

Now, as for the sentimentalism of when someone you are close to have passed away; you are undoubtedly going to hurt for a long time and it will be sincere.

This is someone that you have memories with, interacted with and shared your time with. Although that someone you love is not anyone famous and maybe only a few of you know of their existence; they managed to impact your life on a personal level, them as a person runs through your veins – these people are your Diamonds.

My question is; what do everyone experience when they lose someone they care for or someone that they love?


Regret is what we experience and feel the most intensely.


So, back to my quote; “The Grim Reaper holds your diamonds close to his chest”.

Death can take away your Diamonds anytime and anywhere. Death has your Diamonds close to his chest – so, why is it that we ignore the people around us that cares for us. Why is it that we devalue a person until Death swallows one of your Diamonds?

Yes, we have our life to get on with, yes, we have jobs and our own problems. We become so engrossed in our own little world that we deflect everyone and anyone; and the most effected by our ways are our Diamonds.

Yes, I devalue my Diamonds from time to time and I regret it afterwards even though Death have chosen to spare them for another day.

“Thank God for remembering to wake you up”

If the deceased have taught us anything, then it is to burst that bubble of ours and to start polishing our Diamonds.

If the living has taught us anything, then is is that even the strongest of Diamonds can be destroyed – so until then, embrace them and let them know how much they mean to you. Be it a little note, a hug, your brightest smile…just anything.

Geomeun Goyangi



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