INTJ – The INTJ Female.

“Take everything you think you know about women, now throw them away”.

Okay, once you have tossed away your knowledge of the female species, it is now time to have a brief overview of what the Myers Briggs 16 personality test is about.

The Myers Briggs personality test will sort you into 1 of the 16 personality types by analyzing 5 personality aspects of you via a series of questions to determine how you make decisions. Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics and Identity:

  • Mind: (I) Introverted OR (E) Extraverted
  • Energy: (S) Observant OR (N) Intuitive
  • Nature: (T) Thinking Or (F) Feeling
  • Tactics: (J) Judging Or (P) Prospecting
  • Identity: (-A) Assertive Or (-T) Turbulent

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As you can already tell, my result showed INTJ-A:

  • Introverted (I): Energy and personal contentment can be gained via creativity (art, writing etc), thoughts and imagination.
  • Intuitive (N): Decisions based on unconscious information gained through experience, reflection, people, documentaries, research, books, movies etc
  • Thinking (T): Decisions are made logically and rationally – no emotions/ feelings are used to influence our course of action.
  • Judging (J): We want the full answers and solutions with no loopholes when it comes to solving problems – no unresolved conclusions please.
  • Confident Individualism (-A)


Being an INTJ female means that I am part of the 0.8% within the population of over 7 billion people. So around 4 INTJ females can be found out of 500 females. That’s right, I am a Unicorn!

“99% of the time I just feel like an Alien…as well as a Unicorn”

“…and yes, I have taken NUMEROUS of ‘which personality are you’ tests and every time (99.9%) the result is INTJ”

My theory is that the INTJ personality is not gender appropriate for the female population. You will see why after this blog.

It is difficult to touch on all basis of being an INTJ female without going in depth; to avoid a dissertation, there will be other blogs regarding the below statements whereby I will go into more depth.

Now, a somewhat brief overview of some INTJ female traits:

~ Authority and Competency: we (by “we”, lets’ just say “I” as everyone is an individual and I do not want to speak for other INTJ females out there). We do not care for authority and hierarchy AT ALL. Examples of authority includes someone who is of an authoritative figure, someone with substantial status,  your boss, grandparents or your parents – my expectations of them would be that they share the same effort and mindset as myself to achieve set targets or to solve problems. We will change our process which allows for efficiency if the rules provided is inefficient, unethical or just plain illogical. If you are incompetent to make rules right or cannot offer a better solution then we will change it to suit us. People instantly become incompetent the moment we figure out a person values social interactions paired with an “it will do” attitude over impeccable perfection in their work  ethic.

Don’t get us wrong, some of us do like structure, for example, within a company. However, that structure has to be competent and perfect for us to not see faults.

~Strong Leaders: We make ideal leaders, we see eight sides of a problem or theory etc. We are long-range thinkers with the ability to see the big picture objectively. We do not let emotions get in the way of doing what is right, therefore our decisions will not be hindered, BUT! We tend to lay low until we see fit when a situation calls for a leader or if a clear sense of direction or guidance is needed.

~ Respect and Trust: Respect is earned, anyone can earn it, however, it does take awhile. The good thing is, if we respect you then we will be your best everything (friend, partner, Councillor, psychiatrist, adviser, guardian – basically, we will be your rock). HOWEVER, if you break that trust and our respect, we will just erase you from our lives. Most of the time, time and memories of our bond hold no ties to our heart, therefore, if you wrong us or something or someone we hold dear to us, you will be erased.

~ Fitting In: We do not care if we do not fit in, we tend to (sometimes without realizing) go against trends or ideas. We are comfortable being an individual without any corruption of outside influence on how we should behave or think. We do not go with the crowd and we do not need validation. Importantly, although we are independent thinkers, we know what is right and what is wrong.

~Blunt Truth and Reciprocation: If we are asked for our opinion or if we observed something long enough whereby the truth must be told; we cut through the crap of mollycoddling people emotions and say the truth. This is a sign of our respect for you and we want the same hard truth reciprocated. we asked for your opinion/ viewpoint and we expect you to stab at it. We can take it, if it is good constructive criticism, it will be appreciated.

~ Woman Love and Feelings: We approach relationships the same as we approach anything and everything; rationally. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely feel very intensely and  deeply too but we do not feel the need to show it. Yes, we do find it hard to express ourselves; which is why most of us are so creative and secretive. Personally, I am not maternal at all which is shocking to most of my friends and co-workers. I do love animals and hate people; I do however, like individuals.

“My brain is the commander-in-chief, my heart is both house of congress and my values and principles is the supreme court” – anonymous

~ Mundane Female Expectations and Reactions: We are aloof, we hate gossip and don’t like talking to most people (not to mention that our communication and social skills are pretty dire). We are mostly tomboys; so, the realization that the INTJ female are manly than most men is…on point. We do not feel the need to be complimented, so when we do get complimented, we normally respond with “thanks…” or “…you have nice…teeth”, better yet, if we are close with you, we normally say, “thanks, but I don’t need to be complimented”, we then would be duly told to “shut up”…yeah, we deserved that >_<. We dislike drama and we mean it, that is why we prefer the comfort of books, our thoughts and imagination – with these, we don’t feel necessary lonely.

So there you have it! Some traits of an INTJ female.

***It is important to note that we are  all individuals with out own stories and backgrounds. I don’t really understand why people pride themselves so much just because they belong to a niche group. INTJ is a label (which I am very satisfied with) however, it doesn’t mean all our personality and intellect are going to be the same.***

There was however, 2 weeks in my life where I have actually tried to conform to the norms of an INTJ: INTJ -Incompetencies and Conformities


Hope you enjoyed this little read! Love (not in a creepy way) – Geomeun Goyangi

Also, I’ve just started a new INTJ series! Happy watching~


***Please note that these blogs should NOT influence you to generalize that all INTJs, as a niche group, are all the same – because we are not; a lot of other factors shapes and individualizes a person.***




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  6. Hester. L · September 19, 2016

    Sorry I can’t help being blunt. I totally agree with all your points regarding the “INTJ traits”; however, I do think some more arguments should be laid out to clarify why being an INTJ female is so “unfit”. Nothing new, just further discussion on each point:
    – Blunt Truth and Reciprocation: many females will talk softly and INTJ will talk straight to the point and WE ( meaning I in the same meaning as your “WE”) does not behave gently or sensitively as others expect a girl should. And in many cases, we talk directly to the face of a man without caring if it will embrass him. And most man will think “Who the heck this arrogant girl thinks she is”.

    – Fit in social norms: basically we do not understand the usefulness of social norms so we will not follow it. That makes us look weird. Weird boys can be appreciated as geek, nerd or a genious. But weird girls…

    – Rational: all girls are expected to be emotional or at least emotionally empathy. But INTJ is a little “too extreme” in term of rationalism.

    Liked by 1 person

    • geomeungoyangi66 · September 19, 2016

      Great input Hester, a lot of valid points :D


    • Stephanie · April 2, 2017

      “Weird” girls could be called geekettes. Not my idea. I “stole” it from the international group “[CITY] Geekettes”, a network of females working in tech.


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  8. Oana Siserman · September 8, 2017

    Thank you so much! my life makes sense now, I don’t need to worry anymore that I’m broken or absurdly consuming my energy to fit in! You have impacted my life in a profound way, so I thank you for my whole mind! Kind regards from Netherlands, Oana


    • geomeungoyangi66 · September 8, 2017

      Hi Oana, thanks for taking your time to write what you just wrote, I’m extremely happy to know that you have been affected positively by my blogs!
      You don’t have to worry about a thing, just be you and enjoy being you =^-^=


  9. Michael Freed · December 30, 2017

    Speaking as an INTJ male, “where the women at?” It’s not like i can’t get along with other types of women. It’s that THEY can’t get along with ME! Anyhow: bluntness time. I want to appeal to everyone’s INTJ sense of putting things right logically – but on a big scale. Nationally only at first. When I was a kid and discovered that (shockingly) the politicians in charge often made bad decisions based on $ and not logic, I got scared. Seeing how this principle could get out of hand, I was told by all the non-INTJs around me (everyone) to not worry: “they would never allow any REAL harm to come to us.” Time to appeal to your dislike of sugar-coating things:
    This is one example of many.
    So, at least some of you should be able to understand that leaving this situation as it is – with politicians taking money to fire scientists on Monsanto’s behalf because Monsanto buys their loyalty ( is VERY dangerous, anyone want to hear me out about a wonderful new perspective I have for an actually effective, legal, non-violent way to shut down this system by which corporations gain the ability to poison the entire planet with things WE would get thrown in jail for if we gave them to our dogs? Please let me know. ; )


  10. Amy · August 2

    Ahaa, the compliment in the world of an INTJ female.
    I find that it is a case of “I like your hair, it really suits you”
    “Thank you, I know. I specifically researched and designed it to look this way” and people look at you like you have killed a kitten and then served it raw to a starving orphan. I’m sorry if I spent hours organizing my style so it is easily repeatable, practical but still aesthetically pleasing and I am fully aware that it works because I asked others, researched and put a great deal of work into it. I’m sorry that you expect me to act like it was all nothing when it was a lot of hard work. If you don’t like it, please deny all knowledge of my existence.


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