A Little About Me: Geomeun Goyangi

First off, thanks for watching and hopefully you guys have enjoyed the video, oh you didn’t watch it? Okay then…umms scroll back up and play it, I’ll wait :D – by the way, it was really fun to make.

Now lets’ overanalyse the video for fun :D

Yes, I used 2 apps to make this video and didn’t want to pay to remove their watermarks.

Yes, the backdrop is awful – looking at the sloping ceiling…does asbestos come to mind? (not sure if it is asbestos there but either way, asbestos is only dangerous if it releases dust via crumbling etc).

As for the clicking noise between every jump cuts…they seem to be temperamental, sometimes it clicks and sometimes it doesn’t so…sorry guys, hopefully the clicking sound for you doesn’t happen every time (it went smoothly a few times for me and then the odd clicks here and there happened).

┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌  “meh”

Also, nope, my eyes are not usually that watery or glisteny – they are generally dark and black as my soul. Okay, the truth is, I’ve just been intentionally staring at the camera too hard and for way too long, the constant direct sunlight didn’t help either (or any lights for that matter, constant light hurts my vampire eyes). Normally and naturally, my eyeballs just roll all over the place when I think…so this is me trying hard to stay focused and trying to stick to the script. In hindsight, not staring at the camera would have been easier to recall what I wanted to say…because psychology.

Consequently, you witnessed me sounding even more like a robot than usual and look even more like a robot too regarding the facial expressions. Please do believe me though when I say that you guys are awesome :)

Finally, I want to bring to your attention that yes, that is a pimple on my frown lines. Please do not try to ‘unsee’ it as I have worked hard to grow it, also, I named it Furiken Supotto.


Okay, now, you are probably wondering (or not) why I did not actually use my real name; reasons being was that I wanted to be someone who was able to inspire my readers whilst remaining…elusive, if you will. Yeah…that kind of back-fired as some of my readers know who I am because I got so excited about my posts (INTJ – Signs We Like You and Human Needs; Strip It All Back) that I posted some of them on Facebook – I wanted some feedback etc. So yups, upon hitting the enter button, my elusiveness went out the window.

Nonetheless, this “Geomeun Goyangi” name actually holds a deeper meaning to me; Geomeun Goyangi is the romanized Korean characters which translates directly to “Black Cat”.

Although there is a light and dark side back-story to this name; lets’ just cover the light side! :D

So from what I can remember and what I was told by my parents about my childhood, I actually behaved like a cat – by hissing at people who got too close to my parents and by scratching strangers, even my relatives and my brother (actually, I recall myself scratching my brother bloody during the Primary School years…yeah) – also, I used my small-ass melon of a head to headbutt people…not a cat trait but…. pffttthahaHAAAaaa~ that was funny to write.

Plus, cats from my childhood days generally liked to climb all over me and sit on me…now not so much but I still LOVE them.


(Look at all the cats! There was more cats surrounding us)

If you were curious of the ‘dark side’ to this name; well, you’ll get a slight idea of the types of people that had/ has to be dealt with if you check out this post; after reading that post or the title, simply link it to the superstition that black cats are “unlucky” and you’ll have most of the dark side to this ‘Geomeun Goyangi’ name covered (ironically, I consider myself lucky in other aspects – it helps to outweigh any negatives).

***Slightly off topic rant: Who actually had the rights to link anything or anyone to something that creates a superstition? Actually, who came up with it? Superstition must have been a swift process; imagine someone be like, “I point at something (in a busy intersection) and if something or someone crosses its’ path within the next minute then BEHOLD! That combination is now unlucky (or lucky)”, or better yet, “I look at black cat in awe and I tripped over a CURB, that damn blasted black cat could’ve killed me…and not the curb because I was obviously looking where I was going and not staring at the once beautiful black cat. Nah, black cats are unlucky now. I.Must.Tell.Everyone”, or…”I take ladder, I take human. BAM. Unlucky”.

Some superstitions come from mind projections too, somewhere in Asia, there’s a superstition that if your bed is placed directly opposite a mirror then a girl ghost with long jet black hair in a tattered white gown (how unoriginal) is going to crawl out of it and kill you or something. I can’t help but think that this superstition came about whereby someone probably just woke up groggily or semi-conscious in the middle of the night only to see their own reflection, or, someone forgot that they were having a sleep over…only to wake up in the middle of the night to their friend propped up on the bed playing on their phone (instead of turning to look at that friend, this person just stare at the mirror in horror pfftthaha). Nonetheless, sorry if I scared you. It’s not real. Don’t feed into the superstition. Just remember that your mind is EXTREMELY powerful, so you’ll reap what you sow in regards to whatever you want to believe or tell it to believe; therefore, choose wisely.***

Okay, back on topic.

I came from a boring, I mean humble background; a lot of which have really enforced my personality to this day and I am thankful that I grew up in a loving family. I have never been deprived of what was needed to maintain a strong and healthy mentality, or shall I say that there was enough guidance and wisdom provided in order to feel a sense of belonging, pride and self-appreciation.

So Geomeun Goyangi it is! Hence my Avatar/ Mascot being a drawing of a girl with cat ears =^-^= (I actually wanted to add the word “Ninja” to the name too but it was taken >_>).

Now, a touch on this whole INTJ ‘business’…funnily enough, although finding out that I was an INTJ during my academic years, Myers Briggs never really did interested me…even though reading the results was alarmingly accurate – delving deeper wasn’t really of interest at that time until in 2014 when someone posted their result on Facebook and I’d thought I’ll have another go. Yep, INTJ I was.

From there, I still didn’t care much…until the start of 2015, it somehow popped up on my radar; this was when I started properly reading the results and delved into it via the power of the internet…then the intrigue subsided after a few weeks. UNTIL around September or October of 2015 that I randomly had the urge of wanting to take personality tests for fun and then quickly remembered the Myers Briggs 16 personality test. From there, there was this development of a stronger and more rampant interest in this whole 16 personality phenomenon…is it even a phenomenon? I don’t know, it feels like enough people low-key know about it for it to be a phenomenon now. Somehow, I very quickly and subconsciously, started to analyze which personality type my family and work colleagues were and then did the quiz in their place; sort of like ‘pretending to step into their personalities’ kind of thing after analyzing them for awhile. I got 2 people right because I didn’t tell anyone else about this 16personality thing besides these individuals – actually, I guessed one of them and was right hahaha~

In this blog I said that I got the result INTJ 99% of the time…(I got INTP once) well, that can now be boosted to 100% after taking ample of tests these past few weeks (was just intrigued as to whether I’ve changed, I feel like my “F” have developed a lot these days, possibly too much). But nope, I got more than a hat trick with the results being INTJ.

Interestingly, there was this personality test flying around though: jupiter-34 appspot.

These were my results. Interesting. Where’s the rest of the 23%?


Also, enneagrams seems to be a thing too, had a glance the other day and took some online tests and well, turns out I’m a 1Wing 9 (1w9) . To be honest, although the description is 96% accurate for me (after reading various descriptions regarding 1w9), I still don’t know what the heck 1w9 means and where it came from (feel free to enlighten me in the comment section below as I haven’t researched the crap out of it yet). The result 5w6 and 1w-something (can’t remember) came up once whilst 1w9 crept up quite a bit.


Okay guys, this post will end now and here is the link to my updated post – as always, happy reading~

Again, feel free to poke around on my Instagram…when I do upload something; seriously, it’s really empty right now, you may want to come back in a few weeks or months. I just got too excited with the thought of actually using Instagram “properly” soon.

***Chi from the future (27/01/17), I have some content on my Instagram now! Yays~***

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day/ night~

Geomeun Goyangi =^-^=

geomeun goyangi Complete

Son of a donkey, WordPress ‘about.me’ widget is no longer available. Now after searching for alternatives to no avail, I’ll put this page with the rest of the posts for now.



  1. mbvv · January 20, 2017

    Nice to meet you! I feel like you just bit the bullet and did the hard, first Helllloooooo on behalf of all of us. I feel like I should be making a video to say hi back or something. I don’t know if I’m actually brave enough to do it, but I enjoyed your vid and I’m definitely enjoying your blog. I like your brain. (<– potential zombie tendency revealed?) :)


    • geomeungoyangi66 · January 21, 2017

      Hello~ Nice to meet you too and thanks for your lovely comment =^-^=
      Please don’t feel like you need to make a video (or do anything) in return, just knowing that you are enjoying the posts is more than enough!

      Hmmms, don’t focus on being brave, focus on doing what you really want to do or think is fun – with most things, you’ll find that you’ll accomplish something just by doing it for fun or are just feeling curious or experimental. If you have an end goal in mind then this will also spur you on even further.

      If you want to make a video for example: a lot of inside and outside influences will hinder your first step, but once you have pulled the trigger, you’d be surprised that nothing really damn awful happens if you’ve already prepared yourself for the worst. Funnily enough, sometimes its’ not the audience you have to worry about…technical difficulties, apps not working or getting your head around how to use or piece together a video is one of the most complex part, don’t forget the uploading part and the ‘making everything perfect’ part – after it all, you’ll be vowing to yourself that you WILL upload (or at least finish) this video even if you die trying. So yes, by the end of it, you’ll be on a mission to get the video uploaded and out into the public or at least completed.

      Again, for example, if whatever reason you want to make a video then just do a few practice videos – it’s very interesting to watch yourself, take it as a mini study of yourself; how you move, talk and what your tone of voice is like (even now, I’m still learning a lot from myself and strive to improve after several videos that was made for a friend). Once you are ready, show your video to someone (preferably someone open-minded and non-judgemental) – ask for feedback or see how they react.

      Hahahaha~ You’re not the first person to say that they like my brain, I have an uncanny radar to sieve out the zombies of the world ;)
      In reality, this brain is actually not as great as it reads word for word. Sometimes I struggle with it and I think and feels things that seems like it can only be explained or described in another language or something…most days, the thoughts just remain a feeling – like the thoughts cannot be described. Weird huh :)

      Again, thanks for your comments and good luck!


  2. Samantha H · September 22, 2017

    I’m a 1w9 too. :-) That just means that you identify mainly with Type 1 but that you have leanings towards Type 9 as well. It’s worth having a read of Type 9 to get an idea why.


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