Chinese Yulin Dog Meat Festival

I do not normally, if ever, write about anything like what you are about to read – I want you to know how furiously I am typing right now due to my sheer anger and frustration towards one of the most (among many) barbaric festivals that I have read in the news today.

Frankly, anyone that dares to pull me away from completing this post will irk me.

THIS, this awful “festival” – okay, lets’ cut out the crap of calling something or anything a “festival” to sugar coat the animosity that are to unfold.

The  Chinese yulin dog meat RITUAL, over the 10 DAYS, yes, 10 days; helpless dogs who are crammed into small cages will slowly, with a number of methods, be tortured slowly before their death for human consumption.

Oh what methods you ask? For examples, just boiling, skinning, hanging, beating etc – you know, torture methods that you would not do to yourselves.

I, with a Criminology and Law degree, have learned a lot of hard-to-stomach facts and they do not faze me, at all. Back in the days, punishments are about “an eye for an eye” – obviously it has been abolished since (not in some countries though).

So everytime I see Animal cruelty, I want those who are guilty to feel EXACTLY what the helpless Animals felt, what they went through. You skin them, we skin you. You boil them, we boil you.

I know, like many, there is PLENTY of animal cruelty, or so-called, “festival” all across the world; the Deopokhari Festival (Nepal), Goose-Pulling Festival (England, Netherlands, Belgium etc), Pero Palo Festival (Spain), Whale Festival (Japan, Denmark) – too many if you ask me. Just because you can’t see it or that you want to stay blissfully ignorant does not mean that such crimes are not happening.

***Graphic Images – although these are not the worst photos, I would still rather you look at them all in order for me to do them some justice. You can’t shy away from the truth.***


Yes, it is a crime, torturing helpless and innocent animals for your own gratification and consumption is so inhumane – and we have the audacity to call ourselves the more “advanced” race, the “better” race – Screw you.

Animals will always and can always teach the human race anything by 10 folds.

Now I know that majority of these “festivals” are stemmed from decades of teachings, decades of desensitization, ignorance (some might not even know what they are doing are wrong, for example, living in a rural or poor areas does not help – some do not have a choice in what they eat to survive; might I add, some local authorities or governments are a joke in helping people). Nonetheless, these “festivals” or “sports” are passed down from generations to generations and in fact, a HUGE amount of superstition, theoretical and unproven ideology drive such rituals – if it is not superstition or generations of teachings then it is to do with money (hunting, poaching, dog fighting, baiting), “medicine” (Shark fin soups, horns) or fashion (animal skins and trophies).

Now let me ask you, are any, ANY of the above  necessary? (besides people genuinely not having a choice) No, exactly and even worse, people with inhumane methods of treating a LIVING life form is…….do you not have a heart? and this is coming from an INTJ

I do not care how cultured a “festival” is, how proud they are, how out-dated peoples’ mentalities are – If we can educate, teach and help people understand, learn and acknowledge that animals have feelings then it is a step forward. Maybe we have to go back to baby steps with some cultures.

Sadly, educating people about Animal rights will never be out-dated, which is a shame if you think about it.

There are ways to do things, if you kill an animal, make sure that it is necessary, make sure it is humane, make sure it is quick, make sure to use or consume every inch of this life form – respect the animals for they are allowing YOU to live.

Now that I have calmed down a bit (besides the hot flush), as I said, there are so many animal cruelty rituals out there and I want to do them all justice…and I do not want to be one of those people who just blog about the most “trending” or “most talked” topic just because it is in the news (yes, I know the reason why this “topic” was in the news and yes I know what reaction the news wanted from the public; blind fury without logic and generalization. I would be lying if I said that I am not angry, however, I would want a positive and logical solution to come from my fire); quite frankly, there are a lot of meaningless news online and off-line; so many news are not thought-provoking, nor do news highlight what is important in the world.

To be honest, I have a slight urge not to post this post – that…that if I did my bit then it would be okay.

But it is not okay, I am not okay – I do not want this news (like so many other news) to be forgotten by the end of today. Just because you don’t witness the events, just because you are not there does not mean that you are helpless, because you can do something.

I did my part in signing the petition and I am doing my part, now, to make people more aware of such grotesque “festivals” present around the world – personally, I don’t want this post or any animal cruelty awareness to end or be forgotten until a positive change or outcome happens.

Are you willing to be part of the Army to give your voice to the Animals? If so, sign the petition. Just because we do not speak their language does not mean that they do not feel emotion.

I am living with a motto that I came up with these past couple of weeks – that is to “Do Good, Feel Good”.

Practice good Karma, be your own individual – just because it is your culture does NOT mean that you have the obligation to abide by the culture. Do what is right, for you.

P.s I am Chinese and I will NEVER agree to ANY animal cruelty. Whatever your race, whatever your culture – if you, as an individual, harm animals then we CANNOT be friends.


Geomeun Goyangi





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