Diary: A Brush With Death


~Diary Entry~

I think that some people need a brush with death – a near death experience.


A brush with death will act as a wake up call – this near death experience should make people appreciate what they have, what they could have and what life really means. It puts things into perspective; money, status, fame and possessions are not all that.

I found that however, people who doesn’t need a near-death experience tends to be the ones who gets it.

For example; my mum had a near death experience back in 2009. My mum who was practically bleeding to death really did think she was going to die; she was crying and kept saying “sorry” to my dad and I…I guess my brain did not process what was happening. I just knew that we need an ambulance, fast. Whilst waiting for the ambulance, maybe making the situation light and telling my mum that she was fine did not really help whilst she was bleeding, cramping up in her arms, fingers and legs and fainting in front of us. Once in the A&E, the nurses did little to help. Once in the hospitals “care”, it took 1 nurse out of many nurses and doctors to raise the seriousness of my mums’ bleeding.

My mum is fine now if you were wondering ^-^

You know what her first request was after waking up from surgery? Mum wanted to eat a burger as well as noodles.

Yes, after 2 weeks of being in a hospital, my mums’ basic human needs for food succumbs her. That is how it should be. Peoples’ priority should be to satisfy their most basic human needs.

You gain clarity when you are weak.

Geomeun Goyangi

geomeun goyangi Complete


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