What do you think of when you hear the word “Karma”?

You think about your enemies or simply those who wronged you in some way or some form. You think about those who have hurt the people closest to you.

So when you think of Karma, you think about revenge from yourself or revenge from the world. Hey, why not both?


Now most of you would not act out on your rage because your morals and your principles are stopping you. Also, you don’t want to let someone know that they affected you that much for you to turn criminal – that is their goal, their trap; so why give it to them.

Plus jail time…you don’t want that…do you?

Henceforth you leave the revengeful deed to the universe.

As most of you have already noted, Karma takes FOREVER. Too long in your opinion.

It is human nature to want to see instant results in everything – revenge is no exception. Humans want instant gratification but what you don’t know is that, the universe takes its’ sweet a$$ time to plan a revenge…or shall I say ‘punishment’ that is most fitting for each person. The result? People are often either DEPRIVED of something OR they are GIVEN something to live with.

Punishment comes in many forms, for example:-

  • Medical Illnesses
  • Physical Damage
  • Psychological Damage
  • Seclusion

The universe punishes individuals severely and for as long as possible, whereas we just want the revenge to be instant, painful and over with.

So, if you pay close attention, maybe the universe has already exacted a revenge very early on – maybe to you, that Karma seems minimal, like it has been overlooked by the sufferer and to be truthful, any Karma that is that easy to be merely passed off as a vague annoyance makes you think that not enough damage was inflicted.

With  Karma, only two results will come from it, either some people would still be their own awful self OR they become a better person – after all, to be punished is to change people into someone better right? To curve them of their wicked behavior. Well, not everything goes as planned…or does it?

Karma is a weird cosmos.


Now, what if I told you that there is GOOD Karma? Since I do not wish for you to mull over bad people and their deserving Karma, instead, there is this good Karma cosmos to think about!


Good Karma is all about goodness within yourself – what you sow is what you reap (the ripple effect) – that applies for bad Karma too – to earn good Karma is to practice good Karma.

I have listed ways on how you can become a better person – where the universe would shine a light on your soul.

I hope that the following steps brings you positivity and self-actualization

~ The Echo: Imagine that you are in a cave, shout out the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about yourself – what did you shout?

You see, what you say will ALWAYS find its way back to you. Picture the world as a giant cave, what you show to the world will, like an echo, always find its way back to you. If you shout or radiate positivity, the world will work WITH you, if you radiate negativity, the world will work AGAINST you. Simple.

***Story Time: Just only last week, my mum and I were window shopping when an elderly couple came up to us and started hugging us, mum and I was a bit startled, that was until, my mum recognized that this couple used to be a customer from over 10 years ago (they have seen me in my childhood years…apparently). They all greeted each other with such warmth and love that it almost bowled me over (it left me confused too…why were they so nice?!). We parted and my mum said, “this is why you should always be a good person, people can see goodness, even after many years, because people will remember and recognize goodness”.  My mum is right, goodness does not die if you maintain your soul pure; simply put, what you focus on is what you will ultimately create.***

~ The Silver lining: Giving yourself permission to accept what is, accepting what was and letting go allows you to acknowledge what CAN be and what WILL be. Cheesy I know, but it is true. The past has to be accepted as no change can be made, letting go of what cannot be changed is the most important step to being able to live for the “what can be” – the future. So why not take the present you and adjust yourself and make choices for the positive future you; that is if you can accept your past, learn from your past and let go of the past. It is true that you cannot lead a positive life with a negative mind; so give yourself permission to breathe, you will be amazed at how strongly your mind can impact on your soul.


~ Rules Of Emotions: Self-control is the only form of full control which we can have on earth (I say this but people with DID/MPD just sprung to mind…damn, but for the majority of us, my point is applicable…hopefully) – the highest knowledge that you can obtain is self-knowledge, with this, given any scenarios or circumstances, you have the POWER to control your actions and your choices. Control your thoughts and control your mouth.


***Side Fact: Yesterday my mum was making a packet of chicken soup, I taunted, “you are just drinking MSG”. I turned around to walk away epically, but instead, I walked into the fridge…man Karma can be fast sometimes.***

~ Practice Kindness: People have a built-in intuition radar whereby they can sense kindness from a person. Everyone is very capable of showing acts of kindness, it is just a choice of whether you want to act on it or not. People who practices kindness stay kind for a lifetime because it will become second nature; not a facade. The world is not perfect yet it is the perfect specimen to practice on – you may lose kindness, people will bitter you and people will take advantage of you (there should be a line where people should not cross it, if they cross that line then you are with the wrong people); but you know, at the end of the day, you will be the better person and you will feel good inside too if you respond with kindness.

~ The Blame Game: Your life right now is dictated by yourself and no one else; quit blaming people for your misfortunes, instead, if you truly acknowledge that you are the only problem in your life, then is it not easier to change yourself than to change the other 7billion people on earth? Start with yourself first and finish with yourself last, after all, we are not perfect.


~ Patience Is A Gift: With everything, have patience, because the best outcome always has a significant impact on you or on the world because belief it or not, everything has a connection – so why not be patient and leave a history than be impatient and only just leave a dent.


The practicing of good Karma may be hard, along the way you will actually become hyper aware to negativity; you will really realize (if not already) how bitter people actually can be because when you practice good Karma you raise yourself to another level, a better level and so when you hear negativity, you tune into it immediately and you consciously want to move away from it. Having said that, practicing good Karma has the potential of also making you realize that there are good people out there – we can’t be all bad right?

“Practice good Karma, attract good people”

By now, you would have figured that Karma is the Law of cause and effect, a Law which dictates your future by your actions alone. Now, not everything is Karma this and Karma that – Karma is a very personal cosmos whereby only the individual can decide whether they deem that Karma was at work. Interestingly, your fate is never definite because you have free will – this right here, is your lifeline. So make it count.


Geomeun Goyangi =^-^=





Feel free to comment =^-^=

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