“Lost” In The System Of Conventional Living

Let me just put it out there that anything done in the conventional way does not necessarily mean that it is the right way – that goes for our choices in life too.

Very often do people feel LOST in life about what they are doing, that is, what they should be doing or want to be doing.

Conventional living is not for everyone and there is NOTHING wrong with this system; however, anyone who chooses to move away from it have probably been looked down upon.

Majority of the time, there is a predetermined system in place for us to follow – for example, we are expected to go to Primary School, High School/ Secondary School, College/ 6th Form, University and then get a job.

A lot of us will plan ahead; buying a car with our first paycheck, meeting someone by a certain age, getting married before that age, buying a house or having kids by year XX. This is what we are being expected to do by everyone; why else would we be asked during Primary School, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. The conventional notion of ‘must being someone’ or ‘must doing something that is approved’ is engraved into our brain – and to be honest, how the hell should we know what we, ourselves, really want to be and do when we were young? most of us don’t know what to do even now. There are so many options and these options will just continue to grow.

We get confused about what we want to do because our No1 priorities are not focused on what WE want, but on what OTHERS want in us – when we do not perform what is expected of us, we feel that we have failed in life.

So, we end up lost in our lives – no matter how clear or unclear our visions of our targets are, we end up comparing ourselves to other peoples live and their achievements.


You could be the most popular, successful or well-known person on the internet etc, but when you look at your friends, your relatives or other people who already have a house of their own, or they are already married or they have a 3yr old child or they are earning megabucks; heck, people younger than you can already retire before you! So you then start thinking, “why am I not married?”, “where is my house?”, “what am I doing?”, “am I achieving what I want?”.

Now you are lost all over again with what you are doing with your life.

Well let me tell you this, only a special few have the ability and mentality to break out of a conventional system. It is not all glittery and stable as the conventional way because THERE ARE NO ROADS ALREADY MAPPED OUT FOR YOU.

You are the road itself, you are the journey itself and you are writing everything yourself. Let me tell you, it is pretty damn scary, exciting, confusing but scary.

The amount of self-investment, leveraging and willpower needed when you are on your own is a challenge in itself.

Even though you know that your mission is achievable, you will question yourself at your weakest because nobody else can see your goal but yourself – you know, what you see is all that matters.

So, to the people who are still seeing some people trudging in life within a state of ‘loss’ – just know that, a foundation is taking form; I don’t want to use the phrase, “Rome was not built in a day” – instead, I will compare choosing the unconventional way of life to an Oak Tree.

Why an Oak Tree, I will explain;

“You see, once you plant an Acorn, you will see no sign or even an indication of an Oak Tree forming, that is until around 3-5 years later does the oak tree reach their maximum height, reaching the canopy within just 6 weeks”.

What you should see in people who are lost is that, like the Oak Tree, during their first few years as a tiny nut, a foundation, their stem, is growing when constant care and effort is put into place; these efforts allow for something or someone to blossom into something big, something beautiful – just like an Oak Tree.

Beautifully disorientating is it not?


When people look at trees, where do they look? They look up right? and that is exactly where you want people to look when they see you – they would have never wished that they have doubted you.

Plants can teach us so much about life when you actually think about it – I mean, a Lotus flower can rise and bloom in the dirtiest of waters; so why can’t you – the beginning is the hardest, whether you have people backing you up or not, but, rest assured, the ending is the easiest because you have either given up or have fulfilled your goals.

So if you are one of the few that are lost – forget about how comfy it would be to be back on the conventional route, forget about who you want to impress but instead, impress yourself.

***Mind-Blowing Fact; maybe some of these unconventional people are not lost, you just assumed that they were.***


Geomeun Goyangi =^-^=

(Correction, the Oak Tree was meant to be the Bamboo Tree – after a bit of researching, both plants are just as impressive…heck, all plants are impressive).



  1. nidhiee2nids · April 14, 2016

    You described exactly what I am going through. Don’t know if I will make it till the end but the intent is to reach there. Thank you! I am following you to keep up my morale that you so wonderfully build right now in 2 minutes. :)


    • geomeungoyangi66 · April 14, 2016

      Hey~ Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I must say that, I had to take a few minute off from work to tell you that your comment here, gave me goosebumps for some reason. I want you to know that I am so excited for you and I believe that you can indeed pull through it – you reap what you sow, so of course, with hard work comes great rewards – JUST DON’T GIVE UP!
      There is so much to be gained, so much clarity will be revealed; who is actually on your side cheering you on, how you develop as a person and what you can actually do.

      Thank you for following my posts, I hope that you continue to find them relatable and inspiring =^-^=


  2. Dynames Productions · April 16, 2016

    Great post! I think the contents of this post is something very applicable to the Millennial generation and onward. Ever since the change in thinking that took place within the Baby Boomer generation, I think how we are raised and what we are expected to think like has also changed.

    Of course some basic notions (some of which you outlined) are still there of what is expected of us. But it has become more about what we as individuals that walk this planet can really do with our lives? Do we want to work a 9 to 5 job that pays the bills but has no other observable effects on the world or do we want to take risks to forge our own path?

    I think this is a question that is prevalent on any child’s mind now days as well as students. It is a question I think about from time to time no doubt, and to be honest I lean more towards the risky path. The risky path is no doubt filled with more challenges and perhaps even sorrow, but upon your deathbed you can die with at least one less regret.

    Of course all this depends on your perspective and your upbringing. Some people are just raised to think like society expects of them to, while others are either raised to be free minded or break away from the convention at some point in their life.

    Sadly though as the world population increases, markets become over saturated and competition grows, the risky path seems even riskier with every passing day. To make matters worse, there aren’t as many contingencies in place to account for such over saturation of markets. Yearly misfortune strikes many, some of whom could have taken action earlier to avoid it, while others who were simply screwed by the system.

    The human world has been formulated in such a way where societies establish a certain standard that is expected of everyone to live up to, or else you could be deemed a failure by others. As harsh or sad as it may sound, such is the nature of the human world created and evolved by those before us.


    • geomeungoyangi66 · April 16, 2016

      Excellent input! What you said about having one less regret is definitely a point to think about – so many people these days (especially the older generations) only now start to think about what they could have done – even then, only a few can still do what they want, whilst the rest fall back on their “I am too old to start now” mentality (I am surrounded by these people, I am surprised that I forgot to mention ‘regret’ in my post dammit >_<)
      Yes, there are so many factors that shapes a persons decision that ultimately when those who choose to break free may not know whether it is the right decision; thus being risky as you said – and so, people tend to put a time limit on their "projects"; say after 3 years if it does not work out then they will revert back to the conventional system. It is good how the conventional system can act as a pack-up in itself, but getting back into the system is another matter, it is much harder (unless you have some demanding experiences, having said that, concepts and ideas continue to develop so you might end up needing to be educated again or start from the bottom).
      As for the economy crisis, it is inevitable, it is continuous whether we notice it or not and so it is always better to have some sort of a back-up plan…whatever it may be.

      Again, great discussion =^-^=


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