Universal Guidance

Whether you believe it or not, the universe have the ability to guide you at your times of need. Maybe you believe in Guardian Angels, a higher being or a higher power OR you don’t. However, there are just some sort of strange time and space algorithm that somehow “speaks” to your mind and soul – that is when you actually acknowledge and pay attention to these so-called “signs” – Universal Guidance.


One major factor of recognizing universal guidance is the actual timing of these subliminal messages, because the timing can make a person feel a sense of Déjà vu or a silent shock from within that actually captures your attention, and so now you focus.

You see, there have, from time to time, been universal guidance for when you needed it, even if you don’t ask for it. You can even argue that universal guidance is linked to your “gut feeling” or intuition which guides you towards your next cause of action. Universal guidance are more than that “gut feeling” and your intuition;  Universal Guidance is actually either tangible, visible or audible – universal guidance SHOWS you the answers whereby you have to act on it.


However, you cannot expect everyone to have “experienced” or even noticed universal guidance because it is a very subjective matter. Most of the time, the human brain is logical and so the logical person would just discredit universal guidance as coincidence; nothing more, nothing less. For example, you may be trying to find a house number at night and after a minute or so of failing this, you suddenly notice a flash of light on a house number and BANG, right there was the house you were looking for. For a generic example; you may be thinking of a specific person who you have not seen in years and then suddenly you see that person within a week…coincidental? You may be thinking of someone and within the week you hear this persons name everywhere; TV, Cinema, Radio, Newspaper etc. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. You decide.

The thing about universal guidance is that, when you are struggling with a problem and are trying to figure out your next step, sometimes, the universe will throw you into a situation whereby you can either benefit from it or not; it is your choice. The universe may throw you someone to meet; maybe they could help (offer some suggestions, lend an ear etc) OR maybe they are of no use because you dismissed them and so you just let them past and carry on with their day.

People who thought that the meeting was pure consequence tends to ignore help that is right in front of them, the logical person may think nothing of it and continue to find a remedy for their problems. However, if you learn to acknowledge or simply be aware of guidance then you would notice more signs and opportunities around you.

Universal guidance comes in a variety of ways and majority of the time, the signs will manipulate your surroundings so that you can see them. One example could be that you work around money and suddenly you get a unique coin design which reminds you of something or it answers your dilemma. Maybe you ignored a generic coin design that you have seen several times but yet, you keep receiving this ‘type’  of embellishment consecutively which could subconsciously influence your actions during the week. Signs are not to be sought out, true signs come from nowhere and are the ones that makes you FEEL; then consequently prompting your brain to think, “what do the signs make me think of or remember?”.

Universal guidance will speak to you on a personal level and they will take several attempts and strategies for you to actually notice them.



  • Nature and the Elements:- Animals have a way of communicating to you that something is wrong, e.g your dog suddenly becoming distant towards you, out-of-character behaviors or simply just doing anything to delay your daily routines. The elements may have their way of delaying or quickening your actions (strong wind, heavy rain, snowing). Illnesses, déjà vu and dream interpreting.
  • People and Audio/ Electronics:- Meeting certain people. People saying something which appeals to your problems or maybe hearing something that piques your senses on the radio or TV. Music, email, advertisements etc.
  • Actual Signs:- Billboards, road signs, registration plates, newspaper, brochures etc
  • Inanimate Objects:- Coins, clocks/ time, photos, pictures, writings etc

On a generic level, there is probably a reason why you have a lucky number, a reason why you have a favorite color and equally, there is a reason why you stay away from certain numbers and colors. There are a certain amount of stigma that forms in individual’s mind that links to certain things; be it good or bad.

The interesting thing is that, there has been stories where you can ask for how the signs should “contact” you – some people asked the signs to be shown to them 3x in case they dismissed the first and second attempts as coincidence, some even ask for the signs to be shown on number plates, road signs, inanimate objects; easiest examples would be fortune cookies. Some of you will willingly buy a fortune cookie with the hope that it would guide you or just bring some sort of piece of mind when in fact most “fortunes” are barbaric in the sense that it says “you have a nice smile” or “Thursday is your lucky day”…or better yet, the cookie is empty.


When you are open to the guidance, you will notice that a breadth of signs are free and they tap into your subconsciousness. However, people do have the “ability” to “bend” the signs whereby the universe desired outcome has been warped by your portrayal of the message. This in return cannot be counted at universal guidance, since your rationality overrides your feelings; therefore projecting your OWN desirable answers onto the signs. Universal guidance do not always answer you whenever you want it to and so if you are actively seeking it then you are forcing something that is NOT a sign to BE a sign.

You see, when you purposely seek out signs then it means that your brain is in motion – your rational mind here will (like before) mull over what your next action should be, the pros and cons of what you should do. Ultimately, if you have to question whether something or someone is or is not a sign from the universe then, most likely, it is not universal guidance.

Universal guidance taps into your emotion where no rationality can question what you are feeling, where no rationality can deter you from the actions which you now know that you should take.

When you truly acknowledged and understand the signs given then this is the moment where you can do your part. It is a matter or HAVING to do your part and if you are not receptive or are thinking about ways of not doing what you should then you may be taken out of your comfort zone whether you like it or not. That’s right, you may be placed in situations whereby you have to carry out the actions that correlates to your signs. As said before, signs come in various ways and if your are not cooperative then the universe will strip you of your free will by reorganizing your path.

Here, when you are stripped of your free will, you may experience bad scenarios or outcomes that actually turns out to be a good thing Or you may experience something which you thought was good but actually results in something bad. Perception is an important thing as well as listening to the guidance provided.


What was yours or supposed to be yours, will always be yours, the universe will help you find a way as long as you are receptive and willing to carry out the actions. Like I said in Karma , the universe will work with you when you are ready, even more so when your are readily trying to find a remedy for your problem.

Now, this does not mean that everything and anything should be taken as a sign – as discussed above, the best way to distinguish signs is by acknowledging the initial Déjà vu or “shock” or intrigue. Then think about what it reminded you of or what it made you think about – in most cases, you don’t need to “think”, a thought or a face will flash into your mind. What are you feeling most worried about right now? Most anxious, confused or sad about – the universal guides will help you remedy your problems. Signs may even reassure you.

We all have different awareness levels and openness to spirituality, however, with the sincere intent to solve your problems and the willingness to listen then may you understand your next course of action soon.


Geomeun Goyangi =^-^=





Feel free to comment =^-^=

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