Diary: Your Destiny?


~Diary Entry~

I have made a very interesting observation about us humans and our ‘destiny’.

My brain formed a correlation regarding our ‘destiny’ based on our body types and our ‘gifts’. I will just be giving some examples as to  rationalize my thoughts; I am not generalising, it is just a mere observation.

“People are predestined by the qualities they possess; physically or intellectually”

Body types (I will only be referring to females here), I have noticed  that female with a ‘boyish’ body (straight up and down) tend to be an athletic person as well as a ‘tom-boy’. It is as if their body type was made for them to become an athlete. It makes sense, boyish body types have nothing in the way to affect their aerodynamics. It is as if these females are made for the Olympics, or any sports for that matter; they were born to do sports. Also, if you are tall enough and in this body category; you could be a model, the perfect canvas for fashion designers.

As for the more endowed females, ‘pair’ or ‘apple’ shaped females seem to lean towards less sporty activities. These ladies tend to lean more towards fashion, beauty and food, you are probably more maternal too; maybe these females are born to be mums, make-up gurus, retailers, food critics etc.

‘Hourglass’ or ‘top-hourglass’ body shaped females tend to be in the dancing industry; belly dance, Samba, Flamenco, pole dance etc.


Then there are people with ‘gifts’.

People who draw well seems like they were born to teach people how to draw (teaching in schools or via social media), born to entertain people through their drawing as a way to express themselves i.e comic books/ strips, manga or  animation.

People with intense imagination could produce scripts for movies or become authors.

People who mastered a musical instrument could teach others or they inspire people to learn an instrument.

People who are fantastic singers tends to be able to inspire (or screw up) people through their music and lyrics. Singers tend to know what they want out of life and that is to be in the spotlight; to become world renowned.

You don’t even need to be gifted or to have a certain body type; if you are right handed then you are quite prepared for the business world. If you are left handed then you are perfect for the creative side of an industry. Ambidextrous? great! you are equally prepared for the business and creative industry; I read ages ago whereby people can equalize their brain capabilities with the dominant side of their brain – bringing it to the same level of ability (this is not the article but it is closest to what I just meant: https://memorise.org/brain-articles/dominant-side-of-brain ).


Here is the link to a little brain test to see whether you use your brain equally or not: http://braintest.sommer-sommer.com/en/

If you were wondering, my results are; left hemisphere- 44%, right hemisphere – 54%).

I would have delved into the topics of what drives you, what your passions are but this blog was purely an observation about peoples’ appearances and how people could be born to correlate with their ‘destiny’.

So, what do you think your ‘destiny’ is?


Geomeun Goyangi




Feel free to comment =^-^=

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