The Fickleness Of Social Media (Instagram Edition)

***Warning: A Mini Rant Is Coming Your Way and it MAY offend easily butthurt people as it is my duty as a blogger to retain my truthful yet awful sense of humor***

Feel free to click away if you don’t want to read~

For those of you who have stayed…


(Sorry :)

Before we start, please don’t let this post discourage you from what you are doing on Instagram or any other social media. Just do you.

Also, you may want to note down the keywords that is contained in this post:

  • The ‘D’ = Dick

Yep, that’s all. Lets’ begin.

As you may (or may not) be aware, I am on Instagram and well, after a few days of using it, I have already grown to realize how fickle Instagram and other social media can be, but lets’ just focus on Instagram. By the way, this post is not a dig at Instagram itself of course, Instagram is just an innocent social media tool. Anyways, ‘some’ of the people that makes up Instagram makes me question people incentives even more.

It’s not that I have a strong aversion to what people do, nor do I think into depths with why people do what they do, I just wanted to ‘voice out’ my thoughts on what I’ve seen.

Before the rant begins though…I have never known just how fast strangers are willing to like another strangers photos – I mean, my photos got a handful of likes within the space of a few seconds and minutes. I’m not tech savvy and don’t know (yet) how Instagram works to put your stuff in front of people once you have posted (I understand the hashtag concept though). However, for these few days, every time I post on Instagram, I would think the following:

  • Wow, I got likes, wha…what is this magic?
  • How did you see and like my photo that was just posted a nano second ago?!
  • Awes, you liked my photo, people actually liked my photos

Whereby I then creep, I mean click on their profile and see their wall where everything looks cute, artistic, amazing, beautiful and it’s cool to know that you’re from xyz etc.

Then the following came in, I got followers! Like a handful! Whaaaaaaat? Why do I even have followers? Hahaha~

But that’s when the intrigue ends and reality hits…out of the handful of followers, only a few stayed and that’s when I realized…I haven’t followed them back…and so they ABANDONED me and left me ):

“Hahahaha~ Yeah, that sounded dramatic XD Sorry guys~”

So, I came to the obvious conclusion that many people follow others to get followed back and that these followers will unfollow you if you don’t follow them after a day or two (not that I wasn’t aware of many people wanting a form of reciprocation anyway – actually using Instagram just confirmed my thoughts beforehand). Nonetheless, I just follow those that I genuinely want to.

So I’m left wandering, how organic are my followers, how organic are your followers? Can you be sure that they follow you because they like your wall or because they just want their names out there to be easily searchable so that when people search on your wall for followers, their name will pop up – I’m not hating on these people, it’s all about networking and connection, I get it. I don’t play the ‘game’ (sorry if this sounded harsh) but I understand it.

You got to do what you got to do. It’s only normal to advertise yourself if you want to get somewhere, especially if you are a company or are in need of a large following or social presence – being everywhere and having a wide following ranks you higher up (in peoples mind) on reliability, likeability etc and it ensures people that you are doing something right to have such a massive following.

Granted, there are definitely genuine people that likes what you post but for me, to make sure that people are really genuine, I give them a month, if they unfollow by then…then tough cookies.

Downside number two of Instagram…I am aware of a lot of sexy, flawless, cute, pretty and great figured females out there but my gosh…I have never seen so many females that acts cute. Like…real cute…like ‘taking advantage of you’ cute…like ‘I know you want to f*ck me’ cute.


So many girls were wearing the smallest and tightest dresses whilst pouting, deliberately pushing their boobs together and sitting enticingly whilst making a innocent yet obvious ‘f*ck me’ face. *Sigh* it’s such an art form. I slow clap for all you pretty ladies.

(Below is a pretty accurate representation of me)



Don’t get me wrong, what they are wearing suits them to a ‘T’ and damn they look gooood; even I was intrigued at first but after creeping on 10 profiles and over with girls doing the same thing such as moving their body sexually by grinding the air and opening and closing their legs suggestively…I was rendered sick.

Why are females objectifying themselves? Sure, rock what you’ve got but 98% based on you looking like you need the ‘D’ is a bit much. If I was a ‘creepo’ going through your gallery of seductiveness, you best be sure I’d be masticating.


(Not just this meme, you may want to scroll up to see last sentence and locate the last word – double whammy! ;)

Also, why are girls taking a video of themselves eating a lollipop like they are making love to it? I know that they are making it out like they are eating your ‘D’…is that necessary? Fan service is an interesting topic. Seriously though, I understand that you are appreciating your lollipop *chuckles*, but please just eat it like you normally do and yes, I genuinely thought that what they were doing was ‘cute’…for the first 5 seconds, then it grew sour on me. Sure, your eyes are cute, what you are wearing is cute and your eyelashes is cute too, but you eat like a hamster nibbling on a sunflower seed. Girl, you know in real life you be eating like:


(…or is that just me?)

I’ve been reminded that once again how other people can dampen your self-esteem and body-confidence no matter how much you love and appreciate yourself already – dampen your confidence for like 5 minutes (at least in my case hehehehe~). I’ve been reminded again that the power of social media is extremely powerful when it comes to influencing other people. Basically, people just end up feeling like crap for not having this and not having that.

Normally, I turn a blind eye on social media because for sure I know what is out there, but it doesn’t mean that I willingly go looking for it (except in this case). I can see how people unknowingly pressure other people into wanting to be something that they are not or are making people want something that they themselves are lacking. Body image is a fickle trend that comes and goes, but when you are taken by the moment regarding something, the yearn for that something can stay with you until you DO something about it – especially if you are already hating how you look.

Nonetheless, as you can see, curiosity got the best of me and well, I came to the realization that I’m just a MAN.

“PfffttthahahaHAAAaaa~ Damn I love myself…in the most non-condescending way”

Nah, in all seriousness, if you are on social media, don’t let the number of followers bring you down, just let the organic individuals build up and don’t worry about not being like that person or this person, don’t worry about what they have etc – let it be a reminder that nobody can be you and that everyone is their own person. Yes, feel free to develop a special snowflake mentality :) You are unique.

Besides the few negatives, just love yourself more, be proud with what you post and just have fun with it, ignore the numbers and treat Instagram as a personal photo album of all your memories – which is the main objective to begin with.

Oh and lastly, just follow who you WANT to follow, don’t be pressured into thinking that you have to reciprocate :)

P.s No, I don’t normally rant about people or strangers (besides the personal side stories that pop up in some of my posts), in actuality, I couldn’t care less about what people do.

To end the rant; if you have taken something away positively from this post then awesome, if you didn’t then thanks for reading and if you hate me now…”okay “. :)

Ah, I can feel hate comments that are brewing. How delightful.

Geomeun Goyangi =^-^=


Feel free to comment =^-^=

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