INTJ – Eternal Introspection

Wherever they are, an INTJ can slip into a state of internal introspection. INTJs will think and daydream about their life possibilities all day easily; but not as intensely as when this internal introspection rear its’ ugly head before bedtime – their internal algorithm never fails to put their brain into overdrive.

INTJs restless brain will start to think about EVERYTHING. It is not a simple “lets’ think of one thing”, it is more like “lets’ think of everything and that everything will interlink with other things and then there will be other elements that pops up here and there whether it is relevant or not to the actual thoughts itself”.

We have this whole contortion of internal dialogue and monologue going on inside our heads whereby we talk to ourselves via our thoughts. INTJs have voices in their head who are both conversating with each other whilst thinking at the same time – and yes, all these voices are ourselves.

We can see our thoughts materialize (especially our imagination) and we can also see how fast our thoughts and memories come and go inside our mind – like fibre optic fast. Sometimes we would have thought that we used up hours to think of what we conjured in our mind, but in reality, only 5 or 10 minutes has passed – our thoughts are so fast that is manages to contort our time-spacial awareness.

There is so much noise inside of our mind that we can maintain a song throughout the entire following thoughts:

  • Imagination and role-playing – making up fictional stories, seeing all sides of the characters’ perspectives and ours (the characters are mostly based on people we know in real life) and we proceed to imagine how they would react in our imagination – this usually just keeps us up at night as our stories are too interesting to just stop – our imaginations are so intense and real that we grow to love our ideas and fantasies. It is one of our ways to escape from the world;


  • What we could/ should have done today (present), we apply this ‘what we could have done or should have done’ mentality retrospectively (past) as well as for the future – not to mention thoughts about what tasks etc still needs to be done;
  • What emotion was felt regarding everything;
  • Relationships –  what could be and what could have been (in our minds – we probably also have had sex with you and broken up with you a few thousand times);
  • Death – how we would deal/ cope with it when someone dies or how people will cope when we die (silly random twisted thoughts like this makes us want to slap ourselves);
  • Calculating what our next course of action is and what should it be regarding all aspects of our lives, e.g goal satisfaction, job satisfaction, our passions, connections with people etc etc;
  • Rehearsals of what to say during imminent scenarios/ conversations as well as possible future scenarios/ conversations – we will imagine the speech that we would say to existing individuals (sometimes our imagination may come true for us to act out how we rehearsed it) – we also tend to think about what the real conversation was like and imagine another version of how a conversation or situation could or should have went therefore coming up with an alternate aftermath;
  • Random facts, inspirations, ideas, self-doubt and questions will make an appearance here and there.


There are several points during our thoughts whereby we will tell ourselves to “shut up and sleep” – normally this fails because slowly, our thoughts just ninja their way back in. It is no surprise that our creativity are at its best at night time – not to mention that most of us are insomniacs and are lucid dreamers.

Although we cannot distract ourselves at night, during the day, we have methods of escaping and blocking out our thoughts (it is almost like a process of numbing our minds) – we normally distract ourselves by listening to music, watching TV, playing games, reading, drawing, learning new things, researching or doing some sort of sport related activity; some of us may even deliberately socialize to block out our thoughts.

If all else fails, we grab a piece of paper, book, diary etc and write a dissertation about our thoughts.

“Internal introspection for eternity – like a Penance”

I wonder if our strange brain will drive or scare people away, is it too much for people to understand and acknowledge our mentality?

I promise you, we are still the person you know, we are no different just because you now know what our brain is like. I have read somewhere that people get scared of how the way our brain works; thus people ended up walking away from us – “like why?”

It makes me think what other people would think about because clearly, not everyone hold the same thought process this complex.

If you were wondering how you could tell whether an INTJ is in the state of internal introspection; just look for random fleeting facial expressions appearing out of nowhere (the odd smile, sadness or smirk etc) – we also tend to stare into space, but some of us have attained the ability to act normal whilst going through the whole thought process since we are very aware of ourselves and our surroundings.

Geomeun Goyangi

geomeun goyangi mark

Ah~ Just realised that the clock moves forward one hour tonight…noooo, 02:10 already >.<

***Please note that these blogs should NOT influence you to generalize that all INTJs, as a niche group, are all the same – because we are not; a lot of other factors shapes and individualizes a person.***



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  6. Cristy Campbell · January 23, 2017

    So true, I am a female INTJ. When it’s really loud, sometimes I read a book while singing a song just because it takes so much concentration to do, lol. I can relate to everything in this article. I can’t wait to read more. I feel less crazy knowing I’m not alone. Thanks, Cris


    • geomeungoyangi66 · January 23, 2017

      Hello Cris~
      Yeah! Or just put a music on full blast to drown out the thoughts – actually, learning an instrument or practicing an instrument will do just the trick too!

      Lovely to hear that you can relate and maybe you’ll relate to the other blog posts too :D If however you want to add additional information that wasn’t covered (or covered in full) then feel free to comment as it’s always interesting to read what my readers have to say =^-^=

      P.s You are definitely not crazy, just unique, quirky and different – which is always the best in my opinion.


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  8. Seira Minako · February 16

    It’s just like… you know how to read my mind and write all these words. It’s f*cking crazy,and a little bit scary, you know @@


    • geomeungoyangi66 · February 16

      Hahaha! Keep reading the other articles, maybe you’ll start that having nightmares hehehe~ ;)


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