Diary: My ‘Type’ Of Guy?


~Diary Entry~

So…I have realised that I do not have a ‘type’ of guy in mind. This was a random thought that popped into my head when I was watching TV shows such as ‘Take Me Out’ or ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’.

The woman on there seems to always know what they like (appearance wise) and therefore tend to stick with their ‘types’. Whereas I am over here like, “personality is what is important to me”.

The fact is that personality REALLY captures my attention. Is it strange that when I see a male, my mind automatically forget about their whole physicality? At best, I vaguely remember their smile. However, when their personality captures my attention, then their mind outshines any body parts that they have; after a period of time…say 2 months, I will start to notice that the guy actually has a back, a torso, hairs, nose, legs etc (man I am so weird).

Even if the guy is “average looking” (I do not have a ugly – handsome rating but a lot of girls do so I am just using this word as an example) or the “ugly one” out of a group of guys; if this guys’ personality shines then it makes them so much more attractive as an individual – it is like they become handsomer.

Yeah…that is it for this random diary entry.

Geomeun Goyangi

geomeun goyangi Complete



  1. Coyote · March 18, 2016

    A-ha that’s funny! It is so typical for us INTJs to process in that particular way; so it’s not that strange. I do the same thing my self; when I try to rate a possible “candidate”, I, by default, favor the other’s mentality, attitude and character over looks, style and basic social norms; I even have a predefined list of the main assets I wish to find in my significant other. Between a beautiful time-limited appearance and a everlasting considerate mind, I’ll definitely choose the later. Thx for this pleasant entry!


  2. geomeungoyangi66 · March 18, 2016

    Afternoon Coyote! I did not even know that it was an INTJ trait, just thought I was an odd-ball who was bad at observing someones ‘features’ haha~ Looks are nothing without a good mentality, so a considerate mind is definitely the best option out of the two. By the way, you have a pre-determined list of traits you want in someone? how interesting! :o Would you share some of what is on your list with us? (I will understand if you won’t though hehe~ *refrains from probing too much*)

    P.s, Glad you enjoyed this diary entry AND that is was relatable for you :D


  3. Coyote · March 19, 2016

    Morning GG! Well, it’s somewhat a perfect list. But a “long-term” relationship is naturally supposed to last a long period of time, or as I expect, forever; and that implies to carefully consider the decision when picking the future companion; and to guide me in this beyond my reach mission, there is no better than an ordered check-list; which is a kind of routine to INTJs, aka lists designers. So, my top items on my list are mostly related to psyche and attitudes; virtues that are required in a good person, attitudes that reflects noble values and good behavior; loyalty, honesty and other general ethical characteristics are so important and can be rare qualities nowadays; Secondly, is judgment, I’m attracted more by the thinkers; I can’t imagine myself in a daily routine tirelessly dealing with sentimental and drama situations; I only need that essential warmth and a soul mate that can grasp my honesty and take my sarcasm with a grain of salt; and I suppose this is a common issue that INTJs might daily encounter; plus, I may express my theories and in-depth thoughts in conversations without having to explain why; thirdly, the rest: that groups plus qualities like charisma, confidence, charm and maybe intelligence and introversion; all that is optional but valuable traits. Well, I think these are my main requirements :D; high standards and a bit demanding; and this, I think, is related to another INTJ characteristic which is perfectionism. Cheers!


  4. geomeungoyangi66 · March 19, 2016

    Hey Coyote~ Hmmm yes, your list seems to ring true (semi-subconsciously for me anyways), but I can definitely see the INTJ standards of other people; whereby we mutually want someone with a level of psych that is on par with ours. As you said, such mentality in rare so when finding someone who are not of our ‘standards’ makes it hard to strike a balance within a relationship. Then again, people not up to our standards means that the relationship would have never gone forward anyway >_<

    Great input as always :D


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